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Author: William Sinn on

What Do IT Leaders Wish For? Survey shows what areas US IT leaders want to improve the most

Ask any IT leader, and they’ll have a special wish list. For some, it might be waking up to a streamlined, agile and responsive IT infrastructure. For others, it could be the ability to transform their business with painless, seamless integration. And for others, it might be finding the silver lining in hybrid cloud adoption. […]

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Author: Sue Poremba on

Why Having A Secure Network Is Not Enough

When talking about the latest “worst breach ever” event, people usually use the words like “sophisticated” or “complicated.” And while there is no doubt that cybercriminals have come up with more sophisticated and complicated schemes to steal valuable information off the network (anybody’s network), they tend to rely on rather simple entry points: operating systems […]

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Author: Sue Poremba on

7 Popular Misunderstandings Surrounding Security Threats In Cloud Computing

Even though cloud computing is becoming more ubiquitous in the business setting, questions about cloud computing security continue to hamper its adoption. There are still a lot of corporate decision makers and even IT professionals who aren’t sold on cloud security because a number of myths and misconceptions cause confusion surrounding security threats in cloud […]

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Author: Sue Poremba on

Why Security Issues In Cloud Computing Are No Longer An Oxymoron

Cloud and security have long been two words that didn’t fit together in the tech world. In fact, for years, when mentioning “cloud security” to IT professionals, they’d snicker or laugh, reminding you that there was “no such thing as security issues in cloud computing.” They aren’t laughing now. Although it isn’t foolproof – no security […]

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