Author: Derek Siler on

4 Challenges Of Managing Your Company’s Information Technology Infrastructure

In an always-on environment, managing information technology infrastructure can be quite a juggling act. As the pressures and priorities of application management compete with corporate IT’s ability to build out and manage the stacks on which all those applications run, things can become a little bit chaotic.  Here are a few of the challenges of […]

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Author: Sungard AS on

DevOps Defined: Let’s Get Application Delivery, Management, And Ongoing Change Right

In the DevOps Defined series, we take a look at the Development & Operations (DevOps) movement: what it is, how it works, where the pitfalls are, and more. This article provides a DevOps overview, including application delivery and management. Every business today is a digital business, and every digital business runs on apps. There are […]

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