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Author: Nick Bianco on

Does Your Information Security Program Depend On Gut Reactions?

“Go with your gut!” is a phrase spoken in business every day. Many executives responsible for information security programs have learned to trust their intuition and lean on it for both minor and major decisions. After all, not everything can be quantified neatly. The human factor and personal experience can never be (and should never […]

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Author: Chandler Harris on

The Top 5 Traits of Successful Digital Enterprises

Ecommerce is expanding significantly, with U.S. online sales expected to grow from $263 billion in 2013 to $414 billion in 2018, a compound annual growth rate of 9.5 percent, according to Forrester research. This is pushing the need for businesses to continue to transform their business processes, technologies and even organizational structures, and to become […]

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Author: Sue Poremba on

9 Cyber Security Buzzwords And Jargon Definitions We Can All Understand

Hybrid cloud. BYOD. Big Data. Internet of Things. These are terms that have become part of the daily lexicon, not only within the information technology (IT) and cyber security world but also in the main stream. Jargon is integral to IT. They make complicated terms more accessible to the non-technical person, even if they aren’t […]

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Author: Sungard AS on

A Recipe For Achieving Successful Business Outcomes When Placing Applications In The Cloud

A few months ago, at a conference where business leaders were discussing the challenges they are facing in an increasingly competitive world market: a market driven by dynamic applications in the cloud, instant access to mission-critical data, massive amounts of analytical information, and complex social media integration. What was refreshing was that the conversation centered […]

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Author: Te-Erika Patterson on

The Healthcare Industry Is Fighting Infectious Disease With Innovative Technology

If you ever watched The Jetsons as a kid, you probably were enthralled by – but also a little skeptical of – the robotic contraptions, holograms, and other crazy-seeming inventions that propelled their lives every day. You can go ahead and suspend that disbelief now, because the next time you visit the hospital, you’ll find […]

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