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Nightmare On ERP Street: 5 Tips For Avoiding An ERP Cloud Migration Horror

You have undertaken an ERP cloud migration project to migrate your enterprise planning (ERP) systems to the cloud. At least, that was your intention. Forget supernatural slasher horrors … those are tame compared to this nightmare scenario (at least if you’re an IT professional!): Unfortunately, your new, virtualized servers, network, and storage don’t seem to […]

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Author: Sue Poremba on

Information Security In Higher Education: The 5 Things You Need To Know

Over the past few years, there’s been an increase in data breaches on college campuses all over the country, seemingly signaling an information security crisis in higher education. In recent months, the University of Maryland, Butler University, Iowa State University and Indiana University are just a few of the schools that have reported data breaches. […]

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Author: Sarah Hamilton on

DRaaS And The Cloud: The Why, What, And How Of Recovery Services

The network cloud has become a very popular place. All kinds of services can be found there. Now, add disaster recovery to the list. It turns out that cloud service features match customer requirements for backup and recovery solutions amazingly well. Stringent security and high availability in carrier-class cloud environments have been proven and accepted. […]

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Think Your Business Continuity Plan Is Complete?

Your business continuity team has brought you the company’s new, improved, revised, or updated business continuity (BC) plans. Nice plans – comprehensive, lots of information about assignments, call trees, contact lists, etc. and they’re all up-to-date. Your staff assures you that they have addressed all of the priorities and requirements defined from your business impact […]

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