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Author: Michael Kerr on

An Unexpected Source Of Innovation: How 3 Business Leaders Leverage Information Technology To Dominate Their Industries

Innovation can crop up where and how you least expect it. In our series “An Unexpected Source of Innovation,” we take a look at some of America’s little-known sources of technological creativity! If your image of a tech company founder is a Mountain Dew swilling 20-something with unkempt hair and an unwashed t-shirt, you’re hardly […]

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Author: Sue Poremba on

The Year In Cyber Security: Sony’s Hack Scandal And Various Retail Data Breaches

When looking back on the cyber security stories of 2014, there is one type of event that clearly stands out above all others: data breaches against major corporations, particularly retail operations. “While 2013 was a bad year for IT security, there’s no disputing that 2014 was the worst,” said Kevin Jones, senior IT security architect […]

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Author: Douglas Erickson on

Stronger Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Is Just What The Doctor Ordered For Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are and always have been slow to adopt leading edge technology, but thanks to compulsory legislation and regulatory requirements (HIPAA and HITECH, for example,) awareness of disaster recovery strategies is growing. This is no real surprise when you consider the penalties possible for lack of compliance, ranging from fines of millions of dollars […]

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Author: Ken Pagano on

Backup Your Life With These Tips For Personal Information Technology (IT) Resiliency Planning

We talk about business continuity, disaster recovery, and overall resiliency for organizations of every size. But what about for you and me … as individuals? I don’t know about you, but I would be less than happy if my smartphone was stolen, my laptop stalled, my computer hacked, or my iPod drowned. Not because I […]

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Author: Deborah Jones on

Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS): A New Way To Solve An Old Problem

Disaster recovery, downtime, data loss. Not words many people like to hear. Sure, you understand that a disaster recovery (DR) plan is important, even critical to your company’s business. But building a disaster recovery plan is expensive, time consuming, and requires skills most IT departments don’t have. Besides, how often do disasters really happen, and […]

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Author: Nora Hahn on

Kahua, Inc. Is Leveraging Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) To Deliver Game-Changing Project Management Results

Trying to keep track of a family of four with two working parents and two teenagers is a weekly conundrum. Who has sports practice? When is the ACT prep class? How many of us are going to the school play? Don’t even get me started on doctor appointments and orthodontic treatments. I’ve tried everything from […]

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