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Author: Chris Sell on

How To Conduct An Information Security Gap Analysis

As an information security consultant, one of the most important jobs I do is to conduct an information security gap analysis. This analysis provides a comparison of your security program versus overall best security practices. By comparing these best practices to actual practices, we can shed light on areas where vulnerabilities and risks are lurking. […]

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Author: Leonard Guddemi on

Explore The Key Reasons Why 85% Of Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Implementations Fail

Having a configuration management database (CMDB) can be a huge asset. After all, it provides a holistic view of your IT environment, captures the true impact of the thousands of changes you make every year and equips you with a roadmap for disaster recovery. The many organizations each year who attempt to build a CMDB […]

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Author: Sarah Hamilton on

Stretch Your IT Dollar With Cloud Computing Services

Cloud services are hot. Use of cloud service providers has become a growing best practice in the corporate world. Organizations are outsourcing IT services to cloud providers to reap measurable benefits for a variety of IT initiatives. Instead of investing in software and hardware, these organizations have seen their as-a-service budgets lower their total cost […]

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