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Author: Thornton May on

Who’s Stopping You From Getting The Most Out Of Big Data Analytics? (Hint: Could be the CFO)

Every industry has the potential of being transformed by the innovative combination of big data analytics and modern IT. The question many boards of directors are asking is – “if analytics is such a game-changer, if the disruptive potential of collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data is so powerful, why aren’t we getting the […]

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Author: Thornton May on

Think You Don’t Work In Information Security? Think Again!

Admiral Michael Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, said he expects a major cyberattack. “It’s only a matter of the ‘when,’ not the ‘if,’ that we are going to see something dramatic.” Many other security experts would agree with him: John Masserini, the charismatic Chief Information Security Officer at Miami International Holdings, recently […]

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Author: Glen Seimetz on

6 Key Information Technology Outsourcing Considerations for CIOs To Avoid “Gridlock”

I’ve been on the buyer side of the information technology (IT) outsourcing equation, so I know how it works. The majority of the time, companies reduce selection criteria to a commoditized IT services grid. In such a grid, services are put along one axis and potential vendors along the other. Services are checked off, and […]

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Author: Nick Bianco on

Does Your Information Security Program Depend On Gut Reactions?

“Go with your gut!” is a phrase spoken in business every day. Many executives responsible for information security programs have learned to trust their intuition and lean on it for both minor and major decisions. After all, not everything can be quantified neatly. The human factor and personal experience can never be (and should never […]

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