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Author: Ric Jones on

Which Chief Information Officer Responsibilities Keep You Awake At Night?

One of the biggest health concerns facing Americans today might surprise you. It’s not cancer or heart disease or obesity. It’s sleep deprivation. As a Chief Information Officer (CIO) myself, I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve had plenty of restless nights. A new TV documentary on the National Geographic Channel called “Sleepless In America” explores […]

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Author: Kristopher Spadea on

Business Transformation Process Starts With Serious Spring Cleaning

Business Transformation Process Starts With Serious Spring Cleaning & Organization Ever engage in a serious spring cleaning? Nothing is overlooked! Every closet is opened, every drawer tidied, every crevice vacuumed. When it comes to business transformation processes, have you overlooked the importance of spring cleaning? Many companies underestimate the importance of spring cleaning, failing to [...]

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Author: Donna Cory on

Keep It Simple With New Backup Technology Solutions

We’ve seen how new technology innovations have transformed almost everything in the business realm. They have certainly played a vital role in protecting the rapid growth of data, such as in the emerging backup technology field. The Proliferation of Backup Technologies The classic approach to keeping things simple – deploying only one data backup solution […]

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