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IT security cartoon: Why humans are cybersecurity’s biggest adversary

What is the price of network security? If your company understands we live in an interconnected world where cyber threats are continuously growing and developing, no cost is too great to ensure the protection of your crown jewels. However, no matter how many resources you put into safeguarding your most prized “passwords,” the biggest threat […]

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Video: How businesses are improving DR plans after 2017’s disasters

2017 was a highlight reel of worst-case scenarios. WannaCry forced some organizations to play tug o’ war with their own data, while hurricanes halted business operations across the South. It felt like one terrible catastrophe after another, and while many organizations had effective safeguards in place, some did not. For those businesses who were unprepared, […]

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Data breach response: 4 ways the most resilient businesses handle hacks

Data breaches can trigger fines, deflate stock prices, irreparably damage reputations, lose customers and attract more cyberattacks. But they don’t have to. By responding quickly and decisively at the first sign of a data breach, you can limit its impact, preserve trust in your business and keep customers safe. The consequences of a botched data […]

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Do you know which of these 7 cyberattacks isn’t real?

When CentaurWipe infected hundreds of companies in December 2016, IT departments were left flat-footed. Named for its dual attack of locking down devices while systematically erasing files, CentaurWipe was finally contained after an emergency patch was deployed. Sound familiar? It shouldn’t. It never happened. But in a recent survey of 510 IT decision-makers, more than […]

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Open source and security: 4 questions to ask yourself

Patching has never been more important. The WannaCry ransomware attack that infected more than 300,000 systems, the NotPetya attack that hobbled approximately 16,500 more, and of course the Equifax breach that compromised the information of 145.5 million Americans all happened because patches weren’t added quickly enough. But what if patches weren’t available at all? That’s […]

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2018 Technology Trends in Business: The Experts Have Spoken

2017 was a test of business resilience. While cyberattacks and natural disasters devastated some businesses, many others kept their operations running without disruption. Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology, among others, began helping more businesses eliminate inefficiencies, human error and downtime. What IT technology trends will define 2018? What will [...]

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