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Mind the Skills Gap: Match Made in IT Heaven?

The hiring process would be so much easier if finding IT personnel was like matching on a dating website. Unfortunately, many candidates and employees lack the technical skills needed to make them “Mr. Right.” Thanks to shifts in technology, including the implementation of machine learning, new cybersecurity challenges and more, IT decision-makers are realizing the […]

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Advice for graduates: Get certified, network, and other tech career must-dos

Starting a career in technology is one way to ensure you’ll have to continually evolve. The technology transforming industries today might be obsolete tomorrow. But while the technology changes, there are timeless ways to manage your career to ensure you rise to the top and stay at the forefront of what’s new. We gathered insights […]

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The Achilles Heel in Cyber Incident Response

While businesses have made great strides in handling traditional disaster recovery incidents—from software and network outages to weather-related issues—the same cannot be said for planning for and responding to cyber attacks. Whether malware, viruses or denial of service attacks, or data theft via hackers or your own employees, these events have increased in number, sophistication […]

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4 Challenges Of Managing Your Company’s Information Technology Infrastructure

In an always-on environment, managing information technology infrastructure can be quite a juggling act. As the pressures and priorities of application management compete with corporate IT’s ability to build out and manage the stacks on which all those applications run, things can become a little bit chaotic.  Here are a few of the challenges of […]

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Qumas Speeds The Pharmaceutical Market With A Resilient Life Sciences Compliance Platform

Challenges in the life sciences are nothing new. In the early 1900s, an outbreak of diphtheria threatened the population of Nome, Alaska. A frozen engine prevented the only airplane in the region from delivering the antitoxin to the affected city, so officials turned to several teams of sled dogs to traverse the 1,000 mile distance […]

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