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Author: Matthew Goche on

The Achilles Heel in Cyber Incident Response

While businesses have made great strides in handling traditional disaster recovery incidents—from software and network outages to weather-related issues—the same cannot be said for planning for and responding to cyber attacks. Whether malware, viruses or denial of service attacks, or data theft via hackers or your own employees, these events have increased in number, sophistication […]

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Author: Derek Siler on

4 Challenges Of Managing Your Company’s Information Technology Infrastructure

In an always-on environment, managing information technology infrastructure can be quite a juggling act. As the pressures and priorities of application management compete with corporate IT’s ability to build out and manage the stacks on which all those applications run, things can become a little bit chaotic.  Here are a few of the challenges of […]

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Author: Nora Hahn on

Qumas Speeds The Pharmaceutical Market With A Resilient Life Sciences Compliance Platform

Challenges in the life sciences are nothing new. In the early 1900s, an outbreak of diphtheria threatened the population of Nome, Alaska. A frozen engine prevented the only airplane in the region from delivering the antitoxin to the affected city, so officials turned to several teams of sled dogs to traverse the 1,000 mile distance […]

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Author: Natalie Burg on

How Flexible Should An Information Technology Department Be?

Flexibility: More and more studies are showing how much employees value flexibility with regard to their work schedule. But no one wants their information technology department support to be anything but consistent. While accounting or marketing departments might be able to deal with lighter staffing on certain days of the week or times of the […]

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