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A little chaos now & then is the best test for resilience

Resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, or toughness.” With the rise in both natural disasters and cyberthreats, today’s businesses must ensure not only their physical resilience, but the resilience of their IT systems so they can continually provide a great customer experience. But how do you know if you’re prepared for the […]

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XRS Embraces New Data Protection Law

Earlier this summer the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, superseded the European Data Protection Directive (EDPD) to become the new keystone of data protection in Europe. Its broader scope includes consumer information from personal identifiers such as social security numbers, to data on a person’s race, politics, web browsing history, and even biometrics. GDPR’s […]

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Why customers will no longer tolerate outages like those at Delta, Cisco and Verizon

In recent weeks, we’ve seen several IT failures that left thousands of customers frustrated across the country. First, Cisco Webex experienced a complete outage, and users were still experiencing intermittent issues 24 hours later. The interruption was apparently caused by a rogue script that began deleting the virtual machines hosting the service. As Cisco put […]

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Reimagining Resilience in the face of 21st Century Disasters

Earlier this month as hurricanes lined up in the Atlantic like planes heading in for a landing at LaGuardia, communities and businesses struggled to redefine “resilience.” Staying safe physically is the overriding concern but protecting property and business assets is just as critical, because getting back to “normal” can take weeks if not months. Let’s […]

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Hurricane preparedness for businesses: Post-storm steps and long-term disaster recovery plans

The most important thing you can do for your business in the aftermath of a hurricane is stay safe. Flooding, downed trees, and other damage mean you should keep yourself, your family, and your employees as far away from affected areas as possible until authorities give the OK to return to your homes and businesses. […]

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Tammac Holdings remains strong despite freak tornado strike

Talk about your one-in-a-million situations. On June 13th, an EF-2 tornado struck the township of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. in the dark of night. For a city of approximately 40,000, this was an unusually powerful tornado, given how briefly it stayed on the ground. Once it struck, the tornado took a death-defying trip through the Wilkes-Barre Township business […]

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