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Author: Stephen Piggott on

What’s Keeping Canadian Companies from Digital Transformation Success?

By Stephen Piggott,  Vice President, Premier Accounts Program With 98 percent of IT decision makers in Canadian businesses recognizing its importance, digital transformation is certainly on the map. Yet, our research1 indicates that these companies are having a bear of a time blazing a clear trail from where they are today to where they want […]

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Author: Chris Toushan on

Conquer IT Transformation in Canada: Rally Forces to Tame the IT Bear

By Chris Toushan, Senior VP, Canada Country Manager Digital technologies accelerate and transform everything we do. Yet, change—especially when it comes to IT—can sometimes be likened to a bear with a sore head: Unruly. Unpredictable. And difficult to tame. Despite this, the IT organization is often the strongest proponent behind digital transformation, even though it […]

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