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Author: Chris Toushan on

Conquer IT Transformation in Canada: Rally Forces to Tame the IT Bear

By Chris Toushan, Senior VP, Canada Country Manager Digital technologies accelerate and transform everything we do. Yet, change—especially when it comes to IT—can sometimes be likened to a bear with a sore head: Unruly. Unpredictable. And difficult to tame. Despite this, the IT organization is often the strongest proponent behind digital transformation, even though it […]

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Don’t Let the Bear Steal your Picnic Basket

Digital transformation changes how everyday business gets done, but the same new processes and technologies that raise productivity can also raise security risks. Why? Because, as applications transition to new, more agile infrastructures, this change can create vulnerable gaps in protection that simply didn’t exist before. Like honey to a bear, these holes are too […]

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CARTOON: Does Digital Transformation Have You Jumping Through Hoops?

According to a recent survey sponsored by Sungard AS, IT decision-makers feel the biggest challenge to achieving digital transformation is “having the right technical skills.” Having the right skills was picked as a top-three challenge by 38 percent of respondents, with 20 percent saying it was their top challenge — far ahead of a lack […]

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