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Author: Dominick Paul on

81 percent of IT and business leaders say cloud is a top-5 priority. Here’s why.

When I speak with CIOs about their business priorities, cloud is never far from discussion. Their stories are similar: They want to keep up with the pace of business and to connect with new customers and new markets, all while reducing costs and driving efficiencies—and they’re turning to the cloud for these answers. A recent […]

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Author: Kathleen Aris on

Oracle OpenWorld 2016: Driving Value from Your Applications

Tight budgets. Limited resources. Complex technology. How can you optimize your Oracle environment to keep your applications running at top speed when you are confronted by obstacles like these? Oracle OpenWorld 2016 is a great place to look for answers, and Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) at Booth 531 should be your first stop. As […]

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Author: Sungard AS on

Containers: The Next Evolution in Virtualization

New methodologies have emerged for applications being developed and deployed—significantly reshaping how this was done 10 years ago. Some of our customers are moving their applications to containers, which you can think of as the next step in virtualization. Containers address the challenge of transitioning software from one computing environment to another. For example, moving […]

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