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A little chaos now & then is the best test for resilience

Resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, or toughness.” With the rise in both natural disasters and cyberthreats, today’s businesses must ensure not only their physical resilience, but the resilience of their IT systems so they can continually provide a great customer experience. But how do you know if you’re prepared for the […]

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XRS Embraces New Data Protection Law

Earlier this summer the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, superseded the European Data Protection Directive (EDPD) to become the new keystone of data protection in Europe. Its broader scope includes consumer information from personal identifiers such as social security numbers, to data on a person’s race, politics, web browsing history, and even biometrics. GDPR’s […]

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Machine learning cartoon: It’s time to study up for the next wave of innovation

Successful companies understand they have to innovate to remain relevant in their industry. Few innovations are more buzzworthy than machine learning (ML). The Accenture Institute for High Performance found that at least 40 percent of the companies surveyed were already employing ML to increase sales and marketing performance. Organizations are using ML to raise ecommerce […]

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IT security cartoon: Why humans are cybersecurity’s biggest adversary

What is the price of network security? If your company understands we live in an interconnected world where cyber threats are continuously growing and developing, no cost is too great to ensure the protection of your crown jewels. However, no matter how many resources you put into safeguarding your most prized “passwords,” the biggest threat […]

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If your data has the “Seven-Year Itch,” try Managed Backup – AWS

As a young Hollywood movie director, Martin Scorsese remembers the exact moment he decided to devote his time to historic film preservation and conservation. He had just walked out of a double-feature of the films “Niagara” and “The Seven-Year Itch,” both starring Marilyn Monroe and made just two years apart. “Niagara” was wonderfully intact and […]

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Reimagining Resilience in the face of 21st Century Disasters

Earlier this month as hurricanes lined up in the Atlantic like planes heading in for a landing at LaGuardia, communities and businesses struggled to redefine “resilience.” Staying safe physically is the overriding concern but protecting property and business assets is just as critical, because getting back to “normal” can take weeks if not months. Let’s […]

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Mind the Skills Gap: Match Made in IT Heaven?

The hiring process would be so much easier if finding IT personnel was like matching on a dating website. Unfortunately, many candidates and employees lack the technical skills needed to make them “Mr. Right.” Thanks to shifts in technology, including the implementation of machine learning, new cybersecurity challenges and more, IT decision-makers are realizing the […]

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