For your input on our availbot your received a YubiKey Neo! Congratulations. We hope you enjoy your YubiKey, courtesy of the Architects from Sungard Availability Services | Labs. Below are instructions on how to set it up.  To learn more about Sungard Availability Services | Labs, please visit our github page:


Info on YubiKey Edge

Welcome to your new YubiKey Edge.  Here are some key features about your new YubiKey Edge:

  • it is a hardware based (USB) two-factor authentication solution that can attach to your keychain
  • it allows you to authenticate to your favorite operating system or application with a simple touch of the device.
  • it supports multiple authentication mechanisms via 128-bit AES encryption: OTP (OATH-HOTP/TOTP), Fido U2F and static passwords
  • the two “configuration slots” allow you to program each slot with a single credential; one slot can be OTP and the other can be OATH-TOTP.
  • it supports an unlimited number of U2F credentials which allows the end user to authenticate to any number of a growing list of FIDO Alliance (U2F) affiliated online services (e.g. Gmail, Dropbox)
  • it does not require software drivers to function on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux operating systems
  • it is crushproof, waterproof and has no battery or moving parts

Lastly, the Edge can perform cryptographic functions behind the scenes because it contains an individualized secure chip.  This means the device uses a unique public and private key pair for each application the device protects. These are the keys necessary to complete the challenge required for login.

I’m sure you’re thinking…wow, that’s pretty cool of Sungard Availability Services | Labs to be so concerned about my privacy to give me this awesome device.  We know.  You’re welcome.

Getting Started Guide

  1. Download the YubiKey Personalization Tool which will guide you through a step by step YubiKey configuration process.
  2. Go crazy!  Sungard Availability Services | Labs has got your back.
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