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Do WHAT with my infrastructure?

In my previous articles, I’ve discussed the DevOps strategy/culture and application/development considerations for DevOps goodness. As the next article in this series, I will delve into the infrastructure perspective and describe some foundational best practices to win in the cloud. But first, a brief view into Infrastructure evolution. Remember not so long ago, we had […]

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Author: Meg Ramsey on

Condensation: Bringing DevOps and Code Reuse to AWS CloudFormation

Last Wednesday, Senior CTO Architect, Kevin McGrath, from Sungard Availability Services | Labs had the opportunity to present our open source DevOps tool Condensation at AWS re:Invent’s Partner Theatre. We understand that some of our dedicated readers may not have been able to join us, so we’re posting the demo here! In the demo, you’ll learn […]

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Plan to Fail in your DevOps Iterations… and Win Overall

DevOps transformations are not easy. Organizational culture, people, processes, collaboration, automation and continuous improvement can act as key enablers. By paying attention to failures, having open communication, piloting, limiting impacts with mature deployment practices and building newer tests, you can continuously make your systems and processes ever healthier. Having a fluid framework and [...]

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