Kevin is a member of the CTO Architecture Team, which is responsible for researching and evaluating innovative technologies and processes. He has a strong, extensive background in DevOps specifically in developing tools for Operations Support Systems (OSS) within the communications and IT infrastructure industry.

Before arriving at Sungard Availability Services, Kevin spent 13 years at AT&T (by way of AT&T’s acquisition of USi) rising through the engineering ranks to become a Senior Technical Architect for the Hosting Division’s Tools Team.

Kevin holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Technology Management from University of Maryland University College.

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Run Lambda, Run

Lambda has quickly become a core service in the AWS lineup. A utility knife for developers, Lambda can be as simple or complex as needed. It is the glue between AWS resources, a simple event-based function, or the workhorse for a full serverless application. However, with great power comes great responsibility.  One of those responsibilities […]

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Containers NOW!

The world of containers can be confusing.  What do you really need to get started using containers today? Starting small can lead to big results. Containers are the new focus of any conversation surrounding DevOps.  A composable, executable and portable unit of work our industry has been seeking for years and has everyone trying to […]

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Condensation: The missing link between CloudFormation and Lambda

Condensation brings together two great services from AWS, CloudFormation and Lambda, by turning their parts into a composable project. In the case of Lambda, code (in a Condensation asset particle) can be packaged alongside a template (another Condensation particle) that defines properties and resources needed for execution.  Particles, reusable modules and assets are the core […]

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