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Hello, on behalf of the CTO Architect team at Sungard Availability Services (AS), welcome to our blog!

The CTO Architect team is an experienced team of infrastructure, systems, operations, software and application architects. We are focused on researching and evaluating key emerging technologies in order to incorporate them into Sungard AS’ product and technology roadmaps. Most recently, the team is focused on the use of third-party infrastructure partners and helping Sungard AS customers realize the benefits of hybrid cloud implementations and solutions.


Josh Crowe joined Sungard Availability Services in February, 2014 with nearly two decades of IT experience in product and technology strategy, development and innovation.

Josh leads Sungard Availability Services’ innovation efforts, chief security office, information technology and business systems functions. He is particularly focused on our initiatives to capitalize on new technologies and how best to deliver innovative services that address our customers’ critical availability and business continuity challenges.

Prior to joining the Company, Josh served as senior vice president, Product Development, for Internap Corporation. Previously, he served in various roles at Savvis (now CenturyLink Technology Solutions) as vice presidents of Software Development, Cloud, Hosting and Security, and Product Engineering. Additionally, Josh led systems engineering teams at Cisco Systems and held the role of chief information officer for Noble & Associates.

Josh holds a Bachelor of Arts from Missouri State University and Masters of both Business Administration and Information Management from Washington University in St. Louis.

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