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Microsoft Ignite Conference Ignites New Perspectives on Blockchain Features

Blockchains have become a topic of digital interest since the emergence of real-time ridesharing and crowdfunding began using “cryptocurrency” nearly a decade ago. Blockchains (“blocks” refers to a growing list of records) ease secure, online transactions through a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that records transactions across many computers. The blockchain ensures that the record [...]

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Author: Kiran Chitturi on

Do WHAT with my infrastructure?

In my previous articles, I’ve discussed the DevOps strategy/culture and application/development considerations for DevOps goodness. As the next article in this series, I will delve into the infrastructure perspective and describe some foundational best practices to win in the cloud. But first, a brief view into Infrastructure evolution. Remember not so long ago, we had […]

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Big Data Viability and Technologies on Amazon Web Services

Big data solutions are typically associated with using the Apache Hadoop framework and supporting tools in both on-premises and cloud infrastructures. This article aims to create awareness of the holistic role that Amazon Web Services (AWS) plays in big data processing and to provide a high-level reference architecture on how AWS services can come together […]

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Run Lambda, Run

Lambda has quickly become a core service in the AWS lineup. A utility knife for developers, Lambda can be as simple or complex as needed. It is the glue between AWS resources, a simple event-based function, or the workhorse for a full serverless application. However, with great power comes great responsibility.  One of those responsibilities […]

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