The promise of cloud is enticing; elastic scale, utility pricing, rapid technical innovation and transition from CapEx investment to OpEx spending.  These realities continue to be proven out by enterprises both small and large.  But today, there are many options for you to choose from as you implement your cloud initiatives.  And in order to meet your business and financial needs, it is important to pick the “right” cloud!

Sungard AS Cloud Continuum

In reality, it is now commonly accepted that one cloud platform is not necessarily the “right” answer for all your needs.  To get to that right answer, you need to let your workload be your guide.

  • First, develop a profile for your workload.  Understand the impact this workload has on your brand (externally and internally), and the criticality of this workload to your ongoing business operations.  Also, assess whether there are specific regulatory considerations and to what degree this workload is dependent on other applications in your portfolio
  • Next, assess the technical fit of your workload on each of the cloud options you are considering.  How much network sensitivity does your workload have?  Does the workload generate significant data traffic, in which direction is the data moving (into or out of the cloud)?   What are the corresponding performance, provisioning and technical innovation needs?
  • Now that you have narrowed the field of options from a technical stand point, you can examine the business fit of your workload on the remaining cloud options.  Are there specific industry or business and functional capabilities required by your workload?  How granularly do you want to control the cloud environment and what skills do you have in place to support the cloud of your choice?
  • Finally, after further narrowing your cloud options you will want to assess the financial fit.  Are you looking for a predictable monthly spend, or are you open to a variable spend based on consumption?  Will you have to factor in data transport costs or the need to hire specialized skills?

The right cloud choices can ultimately make your business more agile, speed time to market with new innovations, enhance IT stability, reduce IT risk and optimize IT spend.  Working with a trusted partner can accelerate your cloud decision process and implementation.

Pick the right cloud; be ready for this digital transformation.

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