In the summer of 1769, the first European to visit what is now Santa Clara, California (Jose’ Francisco Ortega) found an area occupied by Native Americans whom the Spanish called the “coast people.” The coast people are the forerunners to today’s residents of Silicon Valley. Who knew back then that this fertile valley would become such a fixture of invention and discovery that an award-winning TV series would be built around it?

Today, 240 years after the city’s founding, Santa Clara is home base to some of the world’s most renowned high tech companies. With its Mediterranean climate, a robust electrical utility known as Silicon Valley Power, a sustainable environment and an extensive dark fiber optic network to serve business customers, being amid the coast people is something any company might aim for.

That’s why Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) launched a new data center in Santa Clara – the heart of progress and innovation – on June 30th. Adding a Santa Clara data center to our geographic footprint give us a physical presence in one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world. Just as importantly, we can now manage IT environments on multiple platforms in a strategic location on major fiber routes and multiple power grids, providing unmatched enterprise network connectivity and reliability.

Sungard AS Santa Clara offers:

Santa Clara Data Center

Strategic location. With unmatched connectivity, this data center is located near major fiber routes and multiple power grids so customers can connect quickly to the infrastructures they rely on, delivering the flexibility they need for today’s mixed environments. This includes high-speed connectivity to on-premise infrastructure, major cloud providers, and direct links to our private network backbone for access to an array of Sungard AS services.

Ease of recoverability. Production systems hosted in the Santa Clara data center can be readily integrated with our award-winning cloud recovery service to create a holistic environment where recovery can keep up with complex production changes. Ease of failover to our Scottsdale facility leads to the error-free performance customers demand.

Ideal foundation for Hosted Private Cloud. The Silicon Valley data center is built to support hybrid IT operations. It’s particularly well suited for our Managed Cloud – Hosted Private Cloud solution, which is sure to extend and complement customers’ hybrid infrastructure strategies to deliver the business results they seek.

Flexibility. From partial to fully dedicated, our private cloud environment allows a customizable set of compute, storage and networking elements so companies have the freedom to choose the degree of infrastructure isolation that makes sense for their needs.

Once launched, Sungard AS will deliver our newest cloud platform—Managed Cloud – Hosted Private Cloud (HPC)—and provide direct connectivity to Amazon Web Services through our newly launched Managed Cloud – AWS service.

  • With Managed Cloud – Hosted Private Cloud, you gain an enterprise-grade solution powered by VMware technology and managed by Sungard AS, as you leverage the capabilities of leading cloud providers you can trust.
  • When you need to protect your most sensitive data, you can choose from a variety of storage options capable of supporting the most demanding workloads.
  • Our hosted private cloud will enable you to meet data protection, privacy and compliance requirements. It also delivers more predictable performance with management over how, when and why cloud resources are provisioned and consumed so you can avoid costly IT sprawl.

All combined, Sungard AS Santa Clara combines the innovation you’d expect from Silicon Valley with the flexibility of a cloud-centric infrastructure. Visit us to learn more about our data center and to discover how Sungard AS can power your most critical workloads and deliver faster business results from the Silicon Valley. And while you’re there, find out why today’s coast people are at the center of Silicon Valley technological discoveries that have changed the way we live, work and communicate.