Sungard AS recently undertook a survey of IT decision makers in the U.S. to get a sense of what was keeping them up at night. We asked a few questions just for fun and, to our surprise, the results showed that older and even obsolete technologies remain in widespread use in many U.S. organizations.

For example, 21 percent of the respondents reported that they still use floppy disks in their organization! Apple dropped the floppy drive from its computers in 1998, with Dell following in 2003. It is hard to believe that the floppy drive remains in use almost a decade and a half later.

We created a short videodigital transformation that highlights the results and explored some of the reasons why older technologies remain in use long after they have faded from the public eye.

Are we surprised that, when we asked these same IT decision makers to name the biggest challenge they faced in achieving their organizations’ top business priorities in 2017, the number one answer (at 22 percent of respondents) was “modernizing our IT infrastructure by moving platform and/or applications to the cloud”?

Legacy technology and technical debt can be major obstacles to driving digital transformation. Do you need to create a hybrid environment? Create and manage two parallel environments? Do a complete replacement on an older system? These are tough questions that, based on the results of our survey, every organization needs to be asking itself.

So what older technologies are still in use in your organization? Is it time to rethink your digital transformation strategy?