Prashant Kulkarni, Senior Manager, Product Engineering

The explosion of public cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), has made many enterprises rethink their IT strategies. The main reason? Cost savings – which are always welcome. Who wouldn’t want a 560% return on investment over five years (according to IDC), with an average $1.55 million dollars in benefits per application? Not to mention the opportunity to put that money back into your business?

Although many organizations eventually decide on AWS for public cloud services, new challenges may still emerge – even though most enterprises who adopt a hybrid IT/hybrid cloud strategy do so to lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Often, these are enterprise workloads connected to other on-premises systems, private clouds or hosted private cloud ecosystems. Complexities are just par for the course, and therein lies the opportunity to simplify the process. But how?

Here are two of the biggest challenges associated with moving to AWS – and some solutions to overcome them.

First challenge. If you want to increase resiliency and leverage public cloud for backup and recovery, an array of published tools and reference architectures exist for building your own specialized recovery plans on top of AWS. However, it’s important to understand your alternatives and to get the proper guidance needed to ensure your public cloud has been properly implemented and tested to support recovery.

move to AWSSince Sungard AS has been in the disaster recovery (DR) business for more than 35 years, we offer the solutions and expertise required to simplify your recovery in the AWS public cloud. Leveraging that experience, we created Cloud-based Recovery for AWS, the first AWS-based managed recovery service that provides a cost effective and easy-to-implement solution.

Launched during last year’s AWS re:Invent, and showcased again this year, Cloud-based Recovery for AWS reduces complexity by providing a purpose-built solution that focuses solely on managed backup and recovery using AWS.

Second challenge. While the benefits of AWS public cloud are many, adding any new solution to your IT ecosystem can also introduce other complications—from compliance and security issues to monitoring monthly spend.

As a leader in providing managed services for applications and various platforms, Sungard AS has a solution to address some of these challenges: Managed Cloud Services for AWS.  This service provides enterprises like yours with the tools needed to provision AWS resources in a simple, secure, integrated model. It also enables cross-platform deployments to help you meet compliance, development, availability and scalability requirements.

Both of these solutions – Cloud-based Recovery for AWS and Managed Cloud Services for AWS – were recently demonstrated at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. If you weren’t able to attend the show and visit the Sungard AS booth, you can still learn more about them and how they can help save time and money so you can focus on your business.

Contact us to find out about Managed Cloud Services for AWS and Cloud-based Recovery for AWS.