Today’s cartoon shows that sometimes the lack of the right technical skills is obvious.

The challenge in deploying new technology isn’t just making sure the technology works and is seamlessly integrated. Organizations also need to help employees develop the skills needed to use technology effectively.

According to a recent survey* sponsored by Sungard AS, IT decision-makers feel the biggest challenge to achieving digital transformation is “having the right technical skills.”

This was picked as a top-three challenge by 38 percent of respondents, with 20 percent saying it was their number one challenge — far ahead of a lack of time, money, or cultural support.

you don't know digital


*The research, sponsored by Sungard AS and run by IT specialist research agency Vanson Bourne, questioned 700 ITDMs and 1,400 office workers from businesses in the U.S., U.K., France, Ireland and Sweden.

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