Like IT management, change can sometimes be likened to a bear with a sore head.  Unruly. Unpredictable. Difficult to control. Despite this, the IT organization is often the strongest proponent behind digital transformation—even though it can be disruptive as they seek to transform their business systems. In fact, according to our research[1]:

  • 57 percent of UK IT decision makers feel the IT department is the strongest driver for digital transformation.

However, not all business areas are prioritizing the adoption of digital technologies in the same way. Why isn’t the rest of the organisation jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon with IT?

tame the bear

Is your organization jumping on the bandwagon to Tame the Bear?

Despite the reality that the executive board’s success is largely measured on the business outcomes they deliver …

  • Barely more than one in ten (11 percent) of UK board members think driving digital transformation—which can help them achieve those outcomes—is part of their job description.

Yet, the research reveals that the rest of the organisation considers digital transformation to be the job of the C-suite to rather a high degree…

  • Only 14 percent of employee respondents believe general employees should be driving digital transformation.

What’s the problem with having the IT department running towards a goal while others slowly lumber about the woods on their own?

As with any large transformative movement, the lack of a cohesive strategy leads to a mix of disconnected technologies being implemented which, in turn, leads to broken business processes and integration headaches. Disjointed efforts also drive costs up and efficiency down, the opposite of what digital success ought to look like.

Ensuring the organization as a whole benefits from what the digital transformation has to offer takes aligning all departments with one singular vision, backed by best practice guidelines for executing that vision.

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[1] Research was conducted by Vanson Bourne, on behalf of Sungard Availability Services, and questioned IT decision makers (715) and wider business employees (1400) from across the UK, US, France, Sweden and Ireland in May 2016.