Want to know how to make an IT person’s day? Tell them you’ve found a way to reduce code by 70 percent. For software developers who use AWS to develop their own clouds, this is music to their ears. So, how do we get started?

First, take advantage of AWS CloudFormation – a free service to help you create and manage your AWS resources. CloudFormation makes it easier to provision and update AWS resources in an orderly and predictable fashion.

AWS re:InventNext, get involved with Condensation, an open source project from Sungard Availability Services | Labs. Condensation enables devops teams to package and share modular CloudFormation definitions, assets and functions called particles. Particles use DRY (don’t repeat yourself) principles that help apply standards and results in 70% less code. Templates are then executed with the highly available native AWS CloudFormation API.

For a free how-to demonstration at AWS Re:invent, stop by the Sungard AS booth (#2332). You can also join us on Wednesday, November 30th in the Partner Theatre at 4:50 PM, where we will present “Bringing DevOps and Code Reuse to AWS CloudFormation” and share a demonstration of Condensation.

Who knows – we might even make your day.