Digital transformation-using digital technologies to change and accelerate everything we do-has generated a deluge of new digital tools. But releasing these tools too quickly to the organization, without the skills and knowledge about how to use them, can be like letting a bear loose in your IT environment: If not managed correctly, you can’t predict what will happen, and you are potentially then setting yourself up for confusion and chaos.

According to our both employees and the IT organization consider a lack of skills as a big barrier to digital transformation – the untamed bear blocking their path to the myriad benefits such transformation can deliver. From office workers to IT leaders, each wants the skills to manage the bear in a way that is most relevant to them.

In fact, of IT decision makers for the journey say their organizations are without the right technical skills to achieve digital transformation. Furthermore, not having the skills to integrate new applications into existing technologies is seen as a hindrance to progress by of those interviewed. (Tab 3, C14)

Tame the Bear

Does your organization need the skills to take on digital transformation?

When it comes to employees, feel they are without the skills they need to use the organization’s digital tools. And believe they aren’t being given enough or any training to get the most from those tools.

Getting to the honey

So, given all that, is it possible for organizations to stick their hands into the bees’ nest to get the honey within: The benefits of digital transformation? Yes, as long as they have the right skills, they can do so without getting stung. Sometimes, that means looking outside the organization for the know-how they need. For example:

When John Menzies plc underwent a massive IT transformation program, the logistics company chose to outsource its IT infrastructure and service management to Sungard Availability Services (AS). With more than 25,000 employees and operations around the world, this was no small job. Working together, the two companies are transitioning four data centers into two Sungard AS data centers within just 12 months—a feat that would normally take several years.

Sungard AS also helped Zyme, a leading channel data management solution provider, transition its legacy infrastructure to the cloud, tripling the data flowing through its platform while reducing processing times by 30 percent. As a result, Zyme accelerated the delivery of decision-making data to its customers to provide them with real-time visibility into their distribution channels.

Both of these companies tapped into Sungard AS’ skills to tame the ‘managing major IT transformations’ bear! And did so more quickly by finding the right partner with the right expert skills.

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[1] Research was conducted by Vanson Bourne, on behalf of Sungard Availability Services, to investigate attitudes towards digital transformation in May 2016 from organizations with more than 500 employees in the US, UK and France, and 250 plus employees in Ireland and Sweden.

Overall, 715 interviews were conducted online and over the telephone with ITDMs, including 205 from the US, 153 from the UK, 156 from France, 101 from Ireland and 100 from Sweden. At the same time, 1400 interviews were conducted online and over the telephone with general employees, including 400 from the US, 300 from the UK, 300 from France, 200 from Ireland and 200 from Sweden.