It’s not just senior management that is frustrated at the pace of digital transformation, employees feel it too.

According to a recent survey sponsored by Sungard AS, 53 percent of employees feel their organization is behind its competitors when it comes to adopting the latest digital tools and technologies, while 47 percent say their employer is not transforming into a digital organization at the speed they expect.

Old tranformation cartoon image

Today’s cartoon provides a humorous take on the struggles of working with old technologies. How many old technologies can you spot? Which ones have you worked with? Which have you never heard of before? Answers below.

See the full research for details on what employees and IT decision makers really think about their organization’s digital transformation.

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Typewriter, Oak desk chair, Commodore PET computer, Floppy disk, Rolodex, Notes held up by tape, Analog clock, Wall calendar, Rubber stamps, Dial phone, Shoulder rest for telephone handset, Mimeograph machine, Dictaphone, Card catalog


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