Money may make the world go around, but when it comes to an industrious workforce it’s not always the decisive factor. Last year a study by the University of Warwick found that a happy workforce is more productive – 12 per cent more productive in fact!

Happiness and productivity generally go hand in hand; a content, engaged and productive workforce makes for an efficient and effective business.

In 2016, keeping staff happy now means offering them the tools they need to be successful. In the age of smartphones and constant connectivity, technology – which has long been of importance to business owners – is now just as important to their staff. Employees want to be part of digital-first organisations, with options of flexible working and mobility. When this is delivered, satisfaction is increased.

Tame the Bear

What is your organization doing to keep staff smiling?

Our own research[1] highlights this demand: according to 53% of IT decision makers (ITDM), digital success means increased flexible working opportunities for staff. Correspondingly, we also found that 60% of ITDMs believe digital success delivers increased staff productivity – probably a result of the enhanced employee satisfaction 56% felt would result, which in turn would also improve staff retention, this according to 42% of respondents.

However, delivering on IT demands is not always as simple as it sounds. IT can be bear sometimes: tough to handle and even tougher to change. For many businesses, the difficulties involved in implementing a viable mobility strategy for the business is keeping staff chained to their desks – almost literally! If the available tools or company policy means that nothing can be done without the employee’s desktop, any sense of flexibility vanishes. By the standards of today’s computing and the expectations its created, the scope for working efficiently or productively is significantly hampered.

Something must be done to release this IT bear from its trap.  By implementing the IT changes that will free employees from their desks, businesses actually empower themselves.  With IT strategies more suited to a digitally transformed world, the business outcomes are game-changing. Nearly half of workers said that having access to the latest digital tools has made them more productive  – probably because they now find it so much easier to do their job (69%) –over a third of staff said it helped them communicate more easily with customers  and one in ten believes it makes it easier for them to close a sale.

Clearly keeping staff smiling via delivering the correct digital tools is not only a worthwhile task in terms of improving employee morale and happiness – IT also impacts positively on the business’ bottom line.

And that will keep stakeholders and shareholders happy too!

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[1] Research was conducted by Vanson Bourne, on behalf of Sungard Availability Services, and questioned IT decision makers (715) and wider business employees (1400) from across the US, UK, France, Sweden and Ireland.