The digital revolution is happening. You can’t just duck and cover. Fortunately, you can strengthen your defenses so that the digital revolution doesn’t claim your business as a casualty. As you take action, you’ll be in good company:

  • By 2018, at least 40% of enterprises will have evolved toward a hybrid data center model with one or more strategic partners for the purposes of supporting digital business services.
  • By the end of 2016, 90% of enterprise strategies will include a significant “Digital Transformation” component.
  • By 2018, 70% of spend on infrastructure will be related to digital transformation and will support third platform workloads.

The Digital Revolution in the Real World

To help you claim victory in the digital revolution, consider the real-world example of a technology solutions firm that was struggling to meet the demanding requirements of its corporate clients and financial services partners. Due to a heavy reliance on physical hardware and an absence of server virtualization, every step toward greater scale represented tremendous capital investment. The company was losing ground in the digital revolution.

digital warfare

Does your organization need a weapons upgrade for digital warfare?

The firm needed a solution that would allow it to manage infrastructure growth and application workloads while ensuring high levels of operational uptime. Additionally, it’s existing approach to backups was costly and technically complex.

While other vendors offered solutions grounded in conventional hardware arrangements that were inflexible and costly to scale, Sungard Availability Services offered a solution completely based on cloud services that offered a great deal of scalability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness going into the future.

The firm migrated to Sungard Availability Services’ multi-tenant, managed cloud solution, enterprise cloud services (ECS). The solution included network bandwidth, firewall protection, load balancing, and storage area network (SAN) support. This business move proved economical and lent maximum financial flexibility to IT as it transitioned to the cloud.

To date, the firm has shifted 80% of its workloads to the cloud. Sungard Availability Services oversees the private cloud and multi-tenant environments, running 100 virtual machines, 50 terabytes of storage, Internet bandwidth (burstable to 3 gigabytes), and co-location cabinets with dedicated hardware. System protection and failover ensures 2X resilience over all workloads and infrastructure assets.

The hybrid cloud solution has made it easy for the firm to scale as it onboards and manages new clients, while providing service level agreements that guarantee high uptime commitments. That, in turn, has led to increasingly compelling customer experiences based on the personal touch it provides. It has also positioned the firm for a successful acquisition at a strong valuation.

Claiming Victory through Hybrid IT

Traditional IT approaches – with their slow-to-change and hard-to-scale legacy systems – simply cannot cope in this age of upheaval. Instead, “always on” availability, delivered through a hybrid IT approach, will be closely linked to your future business survival. Hybrid IT allows you to match the right apps or workloads to the right cloud resource, creating an agile IT environment where you can react to the swiftly-changing needs of a digital economy.

To learn more about moving to a (dynamic?) hybrid IT model that can blend legacy protection with the fast provisioning and future-proof scalability of the cloud, download the executive brief.