Digital technologies are a game-changer for many businesses. The prospects of improved customer interactions and the development of employee skills have caused many organizations to compete to become ‘digital-first.’

Employees want digital tools to make their jobs easier; management wants to increase productivity; and new research shows organizations do understand this. Some 84 percent of businesses across the U.S., UK, Ireland and Western Europe say digital technologies are an important part of staying competitive. And to fully deliver on demands, businesses must have full control over their IT.

But IT can be a bear sometimes.

tame the bear

Is your business prepared to Tame the IT Bear?

At its best, it holds immeasurable power: offering a competitive advantage and driving growth. At its worst, it can be slow and unpredictable, liable to lash out when put under pressure and causing untold damage to its organization.

In the drive for digital, employees are demanding more from IT, adding strain and turning IT into an uncontrollable beast. A lack of skills to manage IT and fears around security anger this beast further, causing disruptions and even outages across the infrastructure.

The IT department is trapped in a vicious circle. It must find a way to deliver digital tools to the business, but is battling with an angry bear that’s being constantly prodded by employee demands. The road to digital is becoming a dangerous hike through the wilderness when it should be a simple walk in the woods.

Organizations must find a way gain control over the bear. This is not only about taming an organization’s IT, but using it to drive the dream business outcomes. The CIO and IT department need to have the power over IT to integrate digital technologies and keep their business at the forefront of its market.

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