The mining industry has been going through a rough patch over the last five years, making it difficult for some companies in this sector to – pardon the pun – dig out of the hole they’re in. But some companies have decided to remain optimistic, choosing instead to focus on preparing for the next cycle. Rather than closing mines, reducing workforces or slashing prices, certain miners are looking up to see brighter clouds on the horizon – literally.

Take Procon, a Canadian-based mining contractor that provides a full range of start-to-finish mining services throughout the world. Founded in 1992, Procon responded to the mining slowdown by moving to the SAP cloud so that every day business could be conducted like a well-oiled machine.

After 20 years of service, Procon’s legacy Enterprise Resource Planning systems just weren’t keeping up with demands. But tough times call for tough measures, and Procon took steps to track and manage costs more effectively.

cloud based ERP solution

Procon is keeping up with demands with their cloud based ERP solution.

In a field known more for remote digging locations and heavy industrial equipment, Procon turned to Illumiti – a platinum SAP platform partner – for a high tech solution to keep business flowing smoothly. Also based in Canada, Illumiti is known for its service to the mining, manufacturing and oil & gas industries. Illumiti partnered with Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS), to stand up a new SAP environment within one week.

There are many options available today for companies to realize the value of moving ERP functions to the cloud. In fact, Illumiti and Sungard AS had embarked on a study to learn more about the perceived benefits of ERP in the cloud and the factors to consider when planning a path forward. (See more at:

With a large fleet of equipment to track, a workforce scattered around the globe in somewhat remote locations, and new ownership pushing workloads volumes and availability demands to their limits, Procon needed some technological relief. Illumiti recommended a scalable SAP environment with cloud services for production, development, database and operating system environments. SAP ERP applications would handle finance, human resources, purchasing, project control, sales and distribution. Going beyond a rack-and-stack approach, Sungard AS would monitor and manage the infrastructure and maintain VPN connections between Sungard Availability Services cloud and Procon.

All of this took place in the spring of 2014, ahead of schedule. Today, Sungard AS looks after the virtual machines and provides a stable ERP system with 99.95% uptime that is widely available to anyone within the company.

Instead of hiring people to manage the infrastructure, Procon can concentrate on managing and growing its business. Sungard AS handles the virtual machines and can scale up or down depending on business conditions. This leaves Procon available to respond to mining developments and opportunities. In other words, they are more competitive so that as new business opens up, they are ready to respond – with unrivaled resources and a breadth of technical expertise.

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