History shows that strong partnerships yield long term results, right? Take chocolate and peanut butter, for example. Remember those old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ads where one person eating a chocolate bar bumps into another eating peanut butter out of the jar? The chocolate bar falls into the peanut butter jar, instantly creating what is now a staple in every candy aisle. “Two great tastes that taste great together!”

While it’s no accident, that’s what the relationship is like between two IT industry leaders: SAP and Sungard Availability Services. SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, while Sungard AS is a leading provider of fully recoverable production services. Although each is known for their traditional strengths (SAP for enterprise software; Sungard AS for disaster recovery), they’re reaching new customers through their combined cloud-based initiatives.  The result is a fully baked Reese’s peanut butter cup of cloud solutions and services.

IT industry

Chocolate and peanut butter make a fantastic combination, much like the relationship between two IT industry leaders.

But the best partnerships take time, and Sungard AS and SAP have been nurturing their relationship for many years. It may be a surprise to learn that SAP and Sungard AS are working to provide customers with fully recoverable SAP HANA solutions. What some customers know is the SAP side of the equation: SAP, with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) background and SAP HANA business suite. Or, they recognize the Sungard AS layer: known for its background in disaster recovery and availability, Sungard AS helps companies understand their business needs by providing production and recovery services for more than 35 years.

What they don’t know is that Sungard AS now has a specific SAP offering – Cloud Based Recovery for SAP HANA. This enables customers to reduce business risk by protecting HANA-based information systems with a pre-engineered, flexible and service level agreement-protected DR solution.

As more businesses adopt data-driven decision-making, SAP HANA is fast becoming a cornerstone of IT business operations. SAP HANA is an in-memory computing platform that makes it easier for organizations to simplify complex and expensive IT architectures. Companies increasingly recognize the urgency of providing ample protection for these systems in the event of a primary site outage in order to maintain business operations.

Establishing fully recoverable production services is of top importance to today’s enterprises, and that requires embracing digital innovation and all the implications that carries for infrastructure, security and business continuity. Sungard AS’ Cloud Based Recovery methodology for SAP HANA provides an attractive new option for customers in both self-hosted and service provider-hosted scenarios.

Benefits of this new service include:

Support for SAP HANA that can grow as your business grows, with configurable storage-based replication for HANA databases as well as well other supporting SAP system resources.

Financial flexibility through OPEX spending rather than CAPEX for the HANA recovery infrastructure, plus flexibility to add capacity when needed without asset buy-outs or write-offs.

Meaningful reductions in total cost of ownership through the use of cloud-based recovery assets instead of internally owned and managed secondary site facilities, recovery infrastructure and day-to-day environments and replication.

Flexible application recoverability through the use of data journaling, allowing selectable point-in-time recovery for better application consistency management when recovering multiple system environments.

Environment protection assurance with recovery time SLAs and configurable recovery points. This is backed by annual testing that doesn’t impact SAP HANA production or development environment operations as the SAP HANA environment continues to replicate during testing.

Support beyond SAP HANA with an extensive portfolio of both managed services and recovery services that can be engineered and delivered as a total solution set with single vendor simplicity.

Customers who need hosted SAP applications can now see how the Sungard AS teams with SAP to do this on the production side. But they also like the fact that Sungard AS has the knowledge and capabilities to make a big impact in the DR space. That’s what the two now offer – industrial strength DR with virtualized hosting for SAP HANA, in a fully managed environment. Think of it as the tech version of America’s second most favorite candy. Andy just in time for the official I LOVE REESE’S DAY – May 18.

Want to learn more? Check out SAP HANA solutions in the Sungard AS booth at SAPPHIRE NOW May 17-19 in Orlando.