Like many other IT professionals, you may be planning to attend SAPPHIRE NOW in May (or wishing that you could) with a list of questions about SAP. Here are the ten most common – and most critical – challenges we hear about when it comes to running an SAP environment:

  1. I want to change the economics of my SAP application support to do more with less, using a utility-based model. Is that possible?
  2. I lack internal support capabilities for new SAP deployments. Where can I get the expertise I need?
  3. I need to dramatically simplify system and storage capacity expansion as my business requirements evolve. What do I need to do to make that happen?
  4. I have to have geographic resiliency to provide disaster protection for my SAP application. Can I get recovery capabilities with tight RTOs and RPOs?
  5. I need an SAP cloud that can interoperate with other clouds and discrete systems to provide a complete IT solution our multi-faceted application environment. Where can I find that?
  6. I currently have SAP on an aging infrastructure. I need to make a change to ensure business agility – what do I do?
  7. I have dynamic ERP needs due to fast growth, highly-diverse business units, and new acquisitions. How do I guarantee that my SAP platform can keep up?
  8. I need process consistency and compliance in my SAP systems operations. How do I guarantee that to the standards we require?
  9. I have an immediate need for an SAP cloud, but it has to include an upgrade path to virtualized HANA. Does such a cloud platform exist?
  10. I need an SAP cloud that is engineered and operated for high availability, with both infrastructureand application-level SLAs. Who can I trust to deliver that for me?

Register today and join us at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016.

You can find answers to all these questions at SAPPHIRE NOW when you stop at Booth 1070 to chat with representatives from Sungard Availability Services. Or, if you can’t attend the conference, contact us. We have clouds tuned specifically to the needs of the SAP and SAP HANA environments. We look beyond infrastructure to how infrastructure interfaces with SAP, supporting the application throughout its lifecycle, and addressing needs from availability to agility to recoverability.

If you have SAP challenges, it’s time to find solutions.

SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 Event Details

Date: May 17-19, 2016

Venue: Orange County Convention Center

Location: Orlando, Florida

Sungard Availability Services: Booth 1070

To register, click here: SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 Registration