Emails by the millions are being sent every second. Data is proliferating at an exponential rate. Transaction volumes are soaring. These are just a few of the ways the digital revolution is blitzing your business. Add to that the fact that downtime can impact both revenue and customer satisfaction, and you’ll see why many enterprises are transitioning to agile infrastructures to create more responsive and resilient IT environments to meet the demands of a digital economy.

digital revolution

Is your organization preparing to claim victory in the digital revolution?

Evaluating Your Defenses

To evaluate your defenses in the digital revolution and determine what strategic changes you need to make to claim victory, consider the following questions:

  • Can your current production environment deal with the onslaught of web activity? Or will it surrender to downtime?
  • Can your slow-to-change, hard-to-scale legacy systems respond as the digital revolution takes more ground?
  • Has back-office busy work left your staff battle-weary … maintaining the status quo, but not moving the business forward?
  • Do you have an out-of-control mix of new and old systems holding you hostage?
  • Do your troops struggle to attain and retain up-to-date skills?

If your answers leave you uncertain how you will fair in the next battle, you need a faster, more flexible way to transform IT to claim your victory in the digital revolution.

Claiming Victory through Hybrid IT

Traditional IT approaches – with their slow-to-change and hard-to-scale legacy systems – simply cannot cope in this age of upheaval. Instead, “always on” availability, delivered through a hybrid IT approach, will be closely linked to your future business survival. Hybrid IT allows you to match the right apps or workloads to the right cloud resource, creating an agile IT environment where you can react to the swiftly-changing needs of a digital economy.

To learn how two companies have claimed victory in the digital revolution by moving to a hybrid IT model to blend legacy protection with the fast provisioning and future-proof scalability of the cloud, download the executive brief Claiming Victory in the Digital Revolution: Two Real-World Examples of Companies Who Are Putting Their Digital Missions into Motion.

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