It seems that everybody is going to the cloud party these days. Businesses are joining the festivities en masse, drawn by the lure of reduced costs, simplicity, and a solution to all that ails them. While the party has had its high points, fun, and laughs, many corporate party-goers are waking up the following morning with a cloud hangover. Contrary to the hype, cloud is not a panacea for all ills…

Sungard_SUN026_IG_Cloud_Hangover_ThumbIn August 2015, nearly 250 US-based IT decision makers were surveyed on behalf of Sungard Availability Services regarding their views on the current state of cloud adoption. The message from the survey was clear: businesses want to go to the cloud party, but clearly need ways of avoiding a cloud hangover when it comes to the cost, complexity, and challenges often associated with those cloud implementations that failed to deliver as expected.

Perhaps you have experienced these “cloud hangover” symptoms yourself:

  • The Dizzying Effect of Cost. The top drivers of unplanned spend are upgrade costs (36 percent), customization (35 percent), internal maintenance costs for software such as patching, recovery, data compliance (35 percent), consultancy costs (34 percent), and the cost of staff to manage deployment (33 percent).
  • The Complexity Headache. Like many other companies, you may have been faced with difficulties in integrating initial cloud investments with new cloud services (59 percent), implementing services from multiple vendors (58 percent), aligning cloud deployments with business objectives/outcomes (57 percent), integrating cloud with legacy systems (57 percent), and delivering rapid ROI (53 percent).
  • Stress from Too Many Challenges. It’s true: 38 percent of participants said cloud adoption made their job more difficult, 45 percent said it made their job more stressful, and 40 percent said it made their job more complex.

The great news is that the cloud hangover can be avoided! There are many steps you can take to make the cloud party a success for your company – and you can learn about them by downloading the free white paper The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding a Cloud Hangover. Cost, complexity, challenges … you can address them all so that you don’t become a disappointed cloud party-goer or a negative cloud statistic.

With a successful cloud deployment and implementation, you can enjoy the best the cloud party has to offer. Survey respondents reported that through the cloud they had achieved:

  • Increased agility (74 percent)
  • Cost savings (62 percent)
  • Increased security (73 percent)
  • Less day-to-day maintenance (65 percent)
  • Increased competitive advantage (72 percent)
  • Improved response to customer/market demands (68 percent)
  • Successful technology refresh (73 percent)
  • Increased availability/backup/disaster recovery capabilities (74 percent)

To learn more about what you can do to enjoy the cloud party while avoiding the cloud hangover, download the free white paper The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding a Cloud Hangover.