Learn from Zyme’s SaaS provider IT journey to improve your own.

If you’re responsible for IT infrastructure decisions in this era of the cloud, then you’re on an intensely paced journey. One company that’s made great advances on its complex IT path – and has many critical lessons to share – is Zyme, a leader in Channel Data Management (CDM) solutions.

Overseeing $200 billion worth of indirect sales activity today, Zyme focuses on helping its clients gain line of sight and alignment with their channel partners. By doing so, Zyme’s customers can dramatically reduce channel inventory and incorrect payments, while increasing revenues significantly. But sophisticated and reliable IT infrastructure is required to deliver these results.

Consider Zyme’s recent IT journey as it sought to create a dynamic, scalable and secure infrastructure capable of serving its demanding SaaS clients:

  • First Generation (2010). Zyme relied on physical hardware and stand-alone nodes. With low redundancy and onsite tape backups, its recovery point objective (RPO) was 48 hours and its recovery time objective (RTO) was measured (uncertainly) in weeks. Hardware deployment times: eight weeks.
  • Second Generation (2013). Virtualizing with VMWare, Zyme introduced N+1 redundancy and high availability with a clustered environment. With offsite tape backups, its RPO dropped to 12 hours and RTO to five days. Hardware deployment times were reduced to four weeks.
  • Today’s Private cloud (2015). By introducing a private cloud with Cisco, NetApp, and VMware, the firm now has an agile, robust, flexible, and high-performing infrastructure. With backups encrypted to disk, it has an RPO of just four hours and an RTO of 12 hours. Hardware deployment times have dropped to ten days. And it has reduced total cost of ownership by eliminating upfront investments.  
  • Future Pure cloud platform (2016+). In the next stage of its journey, Zyme will become vendor independent. Capable of meeting increasing needs for real-time processing, the performance of its infrastructure will continue to rise. It will have self-serve hardware and multiple hot sites for enhanced recovery. And it will engage in on-the-fly integration with customer platforms and other SaaS/cloud providers.   

It’s a transformation toward secure, robust, flexible, high-performing capabilities for integration with industry-leading recovery services provided along the way. Working with Sungard Availability Services (“Sungard AS”), Zyme has been able to provide a market-changing CDM solution and deliver continually rising levels of performance. That’s enabled the firm to remain the leader in its field.

Find out how Zyme’s lessons might apply to your journey when Ashish Shete, vice president of products and engineering at Zyme, and Wade Alt, senior vice president of channel, market, and solutions with Sungard AS, speak at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure, and Operational Management Conference on December 7 (