cloud implementation

Learn how you can improve your cloud implementation and avoid the cloud hangover headache.

When companies join the cloud party, they anticipate a straightforward cloud implementation with quick, easy deployments and simple, streamlined management and maintenance. What they often end up with is a cloud hangover as they discover complexities that create a new set of challenges and processes that are daunting when faced alone.

A survey of nearly 250 IT leaders from enterprise companies commissioned by Sungard Availability Services, a leading provider of information availability through managed IT, cloud and recovery services, proves that without the support from a strategic partner, many who adopt a cloud-based environment have difficulty managing the complexities.

The survey, whose key results can be viewed in this data-packed infographic, reveals that companies have the most issues with connecting multiple systems, such as integrating initial cloud investments with new cloud services (59 percent), implementing services from multiple vendors (58 percent), and integrating cloud with legacy systems (57 percent) – issues that are exacerbated by companies with a global footprint.

The good news is that cloud hangover headache can be avoided: 78 percent of U.S. respondents stated that hiring support ensured their cloud implementation was a success, and 98 percent reported that expert help improved the level of integration across their IT environments.

Finding the right wingman truly supports hangover-free cloud implementation and helps achieve the many benefits of the cloud, including increased agility (74 percent), increased security (73 percent), increased competitive advantage (72 percent), improved response to customer and market demands (68 percent), and increased availability, backup, and disaster recovery capabilities (74 percent).

“The value of implementing a full or hybrid cloud infrastructure is clear, but many dive in without understanding the new challenges resulting from deployment, leaving IT leaders with a severe cloud hangover,” said Chris Ortbals, vice president of services product management at Sungard AS. “We work alongside our customers during cloud implementations to determine a strategy that fits their unique business needs and proactively addresses challenges that might arise during their cloud deployment.”

To learn more about the complexity in the cloud and what you can do to enjoy the cloud party but avoid the cloud hangover, read the survey press release here.