SAP system

By moving your SAP system to the cloud, your business could improve efficiency while reducing costs.

In today’s IT landscape, companies always have to be thinking about what’s next as it relates to their IT environment and their business. For the SAP customer in particular, the question becomes: “How do I maximize my million-dollar SAP investment by taking it – and my business – to the next level?”

IT departments are building out roadmaps to take their on-premise legacy SAP systems to more cost-effective and reliable SAP cloud offerings.

Making the decision to move to an SAP cloud makes sense for most SAP customers for three key reasons.  Namely, an SAP cloud offers companies the benefits of:

  1. An Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) approach. By moving away from self-owned SAP system assets to an IaaS approach, IT departments can streamline their SAP rollout with resources they normally wouldn’t have access to.
  2. A utility-based model. An SAP cloud frees customers from the complexities of running SAP environments internally by taking the underlying system’s infrastructure and administration services and running those applications in a cloud environment via SAP licensing.
  3. Cost predictability. Moving from a capital expense (capex) hardware refresh model to a more predictable operational expense (opex) model for both infrastructure and SAP administration services frees up internal budgets going forward and alleviates any cash flow concerns the company might have.

I talked to many SAP customers over the past twelve months who made the change to the SAP cloud, and the feedback has been consistent across the board: moving to a cloud environment allows their IT departments to focus on their core business while simultaneously reducing cost and improving efficiency. With guaranteed service level performance, the SAP cloud has increased their speed to market in a manner that could not have been achieved if they had maintained an on-premise solution.

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