SAPPHIRE, SAPAt SAP®’s annual SAPPHIRE Conference on May 5-7 in Orlando, you’ll interact with thousands of IT professionals searching for the best of the best in cloud computing. You’ll also see SAP’s unique partner ecosystem in action – connecting technology companies, service providers, systems integrators, channel partners and consultants with the goal of providing customers robust solutions for managing complex IT environments. So how do you sort through all the activity and excitement to find the best ideas for your business?

First, think about why you’re here. Customers are looking for a trusted advisor to fulfill IT needs and help them run their businesses more simply, and SAP technology partners offer a myriad of products, services and solutions. SAPPHIRE is one of the best opportunities to find that winning combination that can enable your organization to work faster, smarter, and more flexibly.

Second, embrace the fact that cloud computing is the new normal; it’s all around you, from the SAPPHIRE agenda builder you downloaded on your smart phone to the Uber ride sharing service you accessed at the airport. Look for partners who can help you shift your SAP installations to the cloud to optimize your own essential business functions, from network platforms to software as a service to SAP HANA.

Now…how should you plan your SAP journey at SAPPHIRE?

Aside from meeting with business associates and attending compelling keynotes and educational sessions, you’re probably hoping to take away some new ideas for meeting your company’s key business challenges with IT. Here is Sungard Availability Services’ quick guide to finding the very solution your company is looking for.

  • Looking to move your applications onto private or multi-tenant cloud platforms?This presents its own set of challenges for many organizations and is especially true for core business applications such as SAP, where ERP systems integration with downstream or legacy applications is often a necessity. Add to that the organizational challenges of working with multiple cloud platforms or service providers, and cloud computing just doesn’t seem to live up to its promise of IT agility and operational efficiency.Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) is working hard to change that. “What we’ve learned is that core business application hosting is only part of the picture. You have to consider the broader view and accommodate as many of the supporting elements as possible,” says Bob Hill, Senior Product Manager for SAP Services at Sungard AS. Sungard AS has been delivering cloud-based customer solutions for many years and was one of the first managed service providers to receive SAP cloud certification. We help companies migrate their applications safely using Sungard AS’ best-in-class Cloud Architecture, which will be showcased at SAPPHIRE. This would be a good place to view a real-time demonstration of how simple and secure it can be to move your applications in the SAP cloud.
  • Concerned about regulatory and audit compliance? When IT organizations outsource various applications to multiple specialized service providers, managing for compliance can become a nightmare. Sungard AS has been focusing on solving this problem, and our many decades of experience in delivering business continuity and disaster recovery services is evident in our approach.For example, Sungard AS’ SAP cloud platforms include a secondary site recoverability option with built in testing and recovery service level agreements for customers who require this enhanced level of business availability protection. Check out our Site Recovery Manager solution to see an example of this.
  • Trying to guarantee business resilience for your organization? In addition to managed cloud recoverability, recovery-as-a-service (RaaS) solutions offer a holistic approach to business resiliency for customer systems, whether hosted internally or with other service providers. Comprehensive RaaS solutions should be designed to be flexible enough to work with complex, enterprise system environments and to scale up or down based on a customer’s individual needs, while offering a range of recovery time and recovery point objectives.

“We know that integrated solutions are increasingly important to IT organizations that have diversified their hosting approach, and we have a range of both physical and cloud-based service models that address this need,” says Anthony Brown, Partner Development Manager for Sungard AS. For its in-depth work with SAP, Sungard AS was recently named one of the 100 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers by CIO REVIEW.

Sungard AS knows how to manage SAP production systems and is using this knowledge to build solutions for customers whose requirements aren’t being satisfied either internally or with their current SAP hosting providers. You can see a number of customer case studies in action in the Sungard AS exhibit space.

Concludes Hill: “From managed SAP and SAP HANA cloud based services to managed RaaS, we’re showing customers at SAPPHIRE that we can help them experience the full potential of cloud-based services.”

Stop by and visit Sungard Availability Services in Booth 1123.

If you can’t make it to Orlando to talk with us in person about cloud computing, please visit our Cloud Services or Disaster Recovery sites for more information.