IT Disaster planning

Introducing the power of the Resilient 4 in IT Disaster Planning.

The Avengers. The Fantastic Four. Superman. Batman. Spiderman. Iron Man. Judging from the box office, our culture is having an enduring love affair with superheroes. So what’s behind our obsession with caped crusaders?

We see the need for superheroes to tackle problems that are too tough for mere mortals to handle. There are plenty of real life examples: our military men and women, first responders, doctors and medical personnel, police and firefighters as well as ordinary citizens who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

But what about in business? In the last century, a business hero might be a manufacturing worker who stopped the assembly line before a defect ruined a product, or the staff accountant who found a billing error, saving the company both money and face.

In today’s tech-savvy organizations, IT professionals and CIOs are the new “superheroes” we call upon during extraordinary circumstances: an outage, a security breach, a natural disaster or weather-related event, infrastructure issues…and the list goes on. Organizations require a team of IT superheroes on deck to keep critical applications, people, and business processes available 24/7.

From helping customers deal with everything from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina, to mergers and acquisitions that left them with a plethora of hybrid IT, to rapid technological transformation and regulatory changes, Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) has tackled more IT challenges than all the Avengers put together. How do we do it? We call on the power of the Resilient 4:

Business Continuity – Agile and always prepared, the queen of the Resilient 4 helps organizations manage their complex IT environments today and train for encountering the IT obstacles and villains of tomorrow.

Disaster Recovery – Twin to BC, the robust and quick Disaster Recovery (DR) helps organizations restore themselves after unplanned downtime and distress. DR is an integral part of any resiliency plan, keeping critical applications, people, and business processes available 24/7.

Security  As an IT guardian, Security’s superior strength, quick reaction time, and mighty force-shield make him more than a match for data intruders. Security keeps organizations’ data and applications protected and thriving during any attempted attack.

Cloud Cloud’s bionic capabilities and flexibility enable organizations to achieve their goals with unmatched computing power. Cloud ensures hybrid IT environments, critical applications, and data are available and ready for action.

In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of our real-world IT superheroes at Sungard AS who exemplify the qualities of business continuity, disaster recovery, cloud, and security in their everyday lives.  Keep an eye out for the Resilient 4 at some of our upcoming industry events, on our blog, and on our social media channels using #Resilient4.

Make no mistake: keeping business running and thriving in the wake of a disaster is what makes IT professionals the superheroes of business today – and what makes an organization truly resilient.