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Tossing your backup and recovery procedures may the best spring cleaning you can do!

Never throw away your kid’s baby pictures – but disaster recovery plans? Aren’t backup and disaster recovery procedures immortal?

As the warm weather hits, we are all faced with that weekend task on the “honey do” list: spring cleaning. Time to collect the broken items you thought you were going to fix (but never will). Time to put away that project you started (but will never finish – even though having a replica of the Millennium Falcon made out of Play-Doh® sounds cool). Time to pull out those plants that just didn’t make it through the 100 inches of snowfall (yes, those in Arizona can chuckle). Basically, spring is a time to reset inventory, revisit goals, and relive recent accomplishments.

In the IT space, spring is a perfect time to do the same. The first few months of the year are filled with closing those projects that didn’t quite finish by end of year, re-organizing the team, and setting new goals. Don’t forget to include your disaster recovery plan in the mix! Sungard Availability Services has found over the decades of performing world-class and industry-leading DR that the number one reason for a failed disaster recovery test is … CHANGE.

In other words,  people kept using their old disaster recovery blueprints, backup and recovery procedures, run books, and disaster recovery binders. Some of these items are brought out only once a year and, even then, only a cursory glance is paid to them.

This spring, let’s do it right! Just like the new petunias on the back porch – take a fresh look at your disaster recovery plans and ask yourself:

  1.    Do they have all the latest servers, operating systems, apps and databases down to the right version level?
  1.    Do they reflect the correct business processes that run my critical applications?
  1.    Do they show the interdependencies across processes?
  1.    Do those processes map to the right hardware infrastructure?
  1.    Am I tiering my apps appropriately? (Remember, all gigabytes are not created equally – don’t treat them that way.)
  1.    Do I have a plan that will actually work?
  1.    Am I really going to test it this year?

So while you never, never, never throw out those baby pictures of the kids (or that original Sports Illustrated 1992 Sneaker phone), you might want to toss out that disaster recovery plan you developed last year. I can guarantee it is out of date.  Visit the Backup and Data Protection page on the Sungard Availability Services website to learn more.

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