Business Continuity

   A few more days till the Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) Spring World 2015!

I am looking forward to a great conference and, of course, connecting with our clients – both old and new. This year’s conference theme “Elevating Business Continuity to the Next Level” is apt and timely. Our community is pushing us and together we are challenging the status quo and asking the hard questions such as “what if we stopped doing a big-bang BIA?” Or “how does one really do continuity in an environment which undergoes 400 changes a week!”

Expect as always to be provoked a bit in the Sungard AS sessions at the event. Agile application deployment and cloud are driving an unprecedented disruption and our world of risk and business continuity must take notice.

An overarching theme from Sungard AS will be all-around concepts of agility and availability of information that is alive and up-to-date.

So on to the sneak peak. First, when you come to DRJ Spring World 2015, be sure to stop at booth 617. That’s where our software team will be, including our very own Tracey Forbes, Jodi Bell, and Kathleen Aris, whom many of you have known for years in this industry.

On Sunday, March 22nd, please make it to Solutions Track session # 8 with Cindy Jenkins from CSGI. Cindy is going to share CSG’s disaster recovery evolution and their adoption of Sungard AS Managed Recovery Program. This is a hands-on DR practitioner session – Cindy unveils best practices, templates, and tools to address the big, hairy mess of DR challenges that come with large-scale complex environments. We’ll both cover topics such as currency of recovery documentation, currency of server configuration, collaboration tools for continuous change management, and progress reporting of test results. In a nutshell, ideal “DR-geek” fodder to get us warmed up before the Sunday night reception!

Next up is AssuranceCM R7.0. Please come to booth 617 or attend the lunch time demo Monday March 23rd in Fiesta Room 3. The best way to learn why 200+ customers have embraced AssuranceCM and AssuranceNM and why it is included in the Gartner BCM leader quadrant is to talk to your peers who are using Assurance today. Of course, Jodi Bell and her team will be on hand to show the latest capabilities in crisis management and agile BIA.

Finally, on Wednesday March 25th, cap off your time at DRJ SpringWorld with Tracey Forbes’s keynote Session 8 – Preventing Chaos: Practical Steps in Orchestrating Resiliency. Does agile equate to chaos for the BC practitioner? I promise, Tracey Forbes will delight her audience with new perspectives from our cloud engagements. She’ll share some practical tips for the BC professional to push the boundaries beyond traditional risk management and mitigation. This session will cover examples of leading BC/DR practitioners who use their insights and capabilities to not just avert a disaster or recover, but to actually help their IT organizations deliver new services.

All-in-all, this is exciting stuff. Of course, as a Bostonian I can’t wait to finally get away from the snow and bask in the warmth of old and new friends. Yay for spring and DRJ SpringWorld!

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