One of our newest partners, Kahua, Inc., is leveraging Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to change project management.

Trying to keep track of a family of four with two working parents and two teenagers is a weekly conundrum. Who has sports practice? When is the ACT prep class? How many of us are going to the school play? Don’t even get me started on doctor appointments and orthodontic treatments. I’ve tried everything from a datebook called the “Momagenda,” to a spreadsheet we all keep on our iPads, to a giant marker board in the kitchen. But somehow, something always falls off the list or someone forgets a deadline.

Now imagine that level of detail for a metropolitan city planning to widen a major freeway system, or a top-tier healthcare corporation needing document management for their hospital expansion plans. The need for project management and business-to-business collaboration is greater than ever before. That’s where Kahua, Inc. comes in as the first cloud-based, hub-to-hub, global platform to deliver on the full promise of business-to-business collaboration. Kahua enables each company to independently define, manage, and exchange data, workflows, and applications internally and with their business partners.

Derived from the Hawaiian word for “platform,” Kahua is a game-changing paradigm for managing business processes and collaborating with project stakeholders. Sungard Availability Services is partnering with Kahua to support its global collaborative Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering by providing expert management of infrastructure, network and application security.

In search of robust data and security support, Kahua turned to Sungard AS for managed hosting services in a colocation environment. Sungard AS acts as an extension of Kahua’s IT team, delivering security services, disaster recovery, firewall, and Log and Threat Manager by Alert Logic.

“With a small IT team, we turn to Sungard AS for their professional and seasoned security expertise, the ability to scale operations up and down as needed, and their international reach to support our global expansion,” said Scott Unger, co-founder and CEO of Kahua, Inc. “This is a true partnership – we leverage Sungard AS for their security and network consultative experience to assist us with our highly complex environment.”

The Kahua project management and collaboration platform serves customers in the commercial construction, EPCM (Engineering/Procurement/Construction/Management), government, and transportation fields. By seamlessly connecting multiple stakeholders, Kahua’s platform removes a tremendous amount of redundancy and cost.

Read the full story in our newest customer case study on Kahua, Inc. You’ll see why Kahua’s corporate mantra is “Whatever you’re building, collaboration is essential.”

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