Businesses are enthusiastically embracing ‘all things cloud’ from the ‘Internet of Everything’ to Cisco’s Intercloud.

Now that the fall conference season is in full swing, excitement is building around all things cloud. From how the ‘Internet of Everything’ will change the way we live, to the role the Cisco Intercloud plays in forming a seamless fabric between the world of many clouds, Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) is connecting with customers from coast to coast to share our vision of the cloud and how our partnership with Cisco and its reseller ecosystem bring value to the market.

By Intercloud, we mean the global “cloud of clouds” which unlocks exciting business opportunities by connecting fragmented and custom-built clouds with open APIs for business acceleration. An open, secure, interoperable Intercloud will give business and the world tremendous new economic opportunities and create great new consumer experiences. Just as the Internet led to improved business efficiencies and new ways of doing business, the Intercloud will usher in new applications and experiences.

Sungard AS is a founding Intercloud partner, and we are using our cloud infrastructure to deliver new Cisco-powered cloud services to customers and resellers. In fact, we recently became the first service provider globally to deploy the Cisco APIC Controller to drive our cloud services. For production applications, our managed cloud has all the benefits of a multi-tenant cloud environment, with a fully-managed service layer all the way up to the operating system. But our unique differentiation is a focus on cloud availability and our aptitude for providing very resilient hosted environments for production instances, as well as cloud-based disaster recovery as part of Recovery as a Service.

Building a resilient cloud that can carry a business into the future requires a resilient foundation, and our partnership with Cisco is key component of that foundation.

We’ve leveraged Cisco technology in our offerings for years, and have been in the Cisco partner network for multiple years, too. We’ve even won a Cisco Cloud partner of the year award. Not only do we work extensively with Cisco, we work with many of the top resellers in the Cisco partner network to help bring cloud services to our customers.

The more you hear about the cloud, the more you realize how important it is to partner with the right companies to bring your cloud vision to life. You can read more about our relationship with Cisco in Cisco’s latest press announcement.

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