life hacks

Dreading those overzealous colleagues on Halloween? There’s a life hack for that.

Work can go berserk on October 31st! Halloween causes many otherwise dignified and responsible co-workers to cast all inhibitions to the wind and make you wish for something tame … like a zombie invasion.

You know how it can be on Halloween. You walk in the front door, only to be met by The G.I. Joe in full regalia … complete with a working assault rifle which he is pointing right at you.

You start to dream about arming yourself with life hacks to counter this predictable ambush…

You edge past him, waving a white flag in surrender, and slip into the elevator. Make that “squeeze” into the elevator, since 99% of it is taken up by The Diva’s glittering princess costume!

Once at your desk, you breathe a sigh of relief – only to choke on the scent of burning flesh from your cubicle-neighbor, who is none other than The CSI Devotee. You should have realized it when you saw the chalk outline in front of his desk.

Given the first fifteen minutes of your day, you dread the rest of it … including, without a doubt, the surprise visit from The Office Prankster who is committed to taking 10 years off your life, and the meeting with The Method Actor who won’t drop out of character even for a minute. And who knows who else will show up? It truly is a scary prospect!

Fortunately for you, we have 12 tried, tested, and proven Halloween Life Hacks that can help you survive your overzealous co-workers for this critical 24 hours of professional darkness. Take a look – you’ll be fully equipped to take on this year’s office festivities like a champ and head into November … without feeling like the undead!