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CARTOON: When is a Remote Backup Too Remote?

In a disaster, it’s important that backup data and facilities be far enough away to avoid any damage, but close enough that staff can get to the remote location quickly and easily. Companies need to ensure their core business processes, applications, and infrastructure are available, resilient and recoverable. It’s important to carefully design, implement, test, […]

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A Shift in Technology Demands a Shift in Technology Skills

By Meg Ramsey, Senior Director of Innovation Programs, Sungard AS Machine learning is clearly good for business. The Accenture Institute for High Performance found that at least 40 percent of the companies in a recent survey had already implemented machine learning to improve sales and marketing performance. Those using the technology reported that new leads, upsells, [...]

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Cartoon: Applying the KISS Principle to Your DR Plan

In an emergency, keep what you say simple and straightforward. As professionals involved in disaster recovery and business continuity, we know that details matter, and effective communications skills matter as well. Think KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid. When you boil down most problems, communication is often the root cause. Today’s cartoon touches on the […]

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