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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services, North America: Challenge Accepted

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is making informed decisions on how to transform their IT organizations from legacy data centers into the required hybrid IT infrastructures of tomorrow. To help them, the newest Gartner Magic Quadrant1 (MQ) assessed 20 IT vendors in the market, positioning them based on completeness of vision and […]

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National Weather Service data outage: 3 reminders for improving resiliency

Memorial Day Weekend 2018 was a deluge for many parts of the country. Flash floods ripped through Ellicott City, Maryland. Subtropical storm Alberto triggered states of emergency in Florida, Mississippi and Alabama. Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes tore through the West and Midwest. Amid all this, the National Weather Service (NWS) experienced an outage from Sunday […]

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Sungard AS and Actifio Deliver Modern Backup & Recovery

Keep energy flowing. Keep real estate protected. Keep medicines available. From energy suppliers to global real estate brokers to national pharmacies, companies around the world are becoming increasingly digital. Organizations are adopting cloud, embracing IT transformation and adding modern, agile and efficient methods to harness the power of their business backbone: data. And with that unprecedented [...]

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Advice for graduates: Get certified, network, and other tech career must-dos

Starting a career in technology is one way to ensure you’ll have to continually evolve. The technology transforming industries today might be obsolete tomorrow. But while the technology changes, there are timeless ways to manage your career to ensure you rise to the top and stay at the forefront of what’s new. We gathered insights […]

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Video: How businesses are improving DR plans after 2017’s disasters

2017 was a highlight reel of worst-case scenarios. WannaCry forced some organizations to play tug o’ war with their own data, while hurricanes halted business operations across the South. It felt like one terrible catastrophe after another, and while many organizations had effective safeguards in place, some did not. For those businesses who were unprepared, […]

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Data breach response: 4 ways the most resilient businesses handle hacks

Data breaches can trigger fines, deflate stock prices, irreparably damage reputations, lose customers and attract more cyberattacks. But they don’t have to. By responding quickly and decisively at the first sign of a data breach, you can limit its impact, preserve trust in your business and keep customers safe. The consequences of a botched data […]

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Sungard AS offers customers updated cloud recovery service powered by Zerto

For companies who provide cloud management and recovery solutions, there’s never been a more critical time to fortify their offerings. And while there’s no single recovery technology capable of spanning today’s vast and varied IT landscape, two things are for certain: business resilience is vital, and one size does not fit all. That’s why Sungard […]

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Do you know which of these 7 cyberattacks isn’t real?

When CentaurWipe infected hundreds of companies in December 2016, IT departments were left flat-footed. Named for its dual attack of locking down devices while systematically erasing files, CentaurWipe was finally contained after an emergency patch was deployed. Sound familiar? It shouldn’t. It never happened. But in a recent survey of 510 IT decision-makers, more than […]

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Who needs Hosted Private Cloud? Try your landlord, healthcare provider and edtech service, for starters

When Sungard Availability Services introduced its hosted private cloud solution for Dell EMC environments last month, companies began taking a second look at their cloud installations. From real estate management firms to healthcare providers to educational technology (edtech) vendors, businesses of all types began assessing their need for greater security and resilience. What do these […]

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The ABCs of AWS: 26 features and strategies you should know

Migrating to the cloud can be one of the best IT moves you can make for your enterprise, offering security, customization, agility and cost-savings. And Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most reliable and tested cloud service providers available. Whether you’re already running applications in the public cloud or thinking about getting started, […]

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