#BigData in the #Cloud: Get Our Perspective at VMware @vCloud #CloudTalk, Tues. April 10th


Meet us on Twitter, next Tuesday, April 10th at 11am PT/ 2pm ET for #CloudTalk hosted by VMware vCloud, to hear our perspective on how we see big data evolving in the cloud this year. Also, get insight into our new fully managed enterprise-grade, Apache™ Hadoop™-based data analytics platform, now in technical preview, announced April 4th. The SunGard Unified Analytics ServicesSM (UAS) will address the growing business requirement organizations face to extract more business intelligence and value from their massive volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured resources that continue to grow exponentially. The service will allow organizations to eliminate costs needed to purchase an … Read more

Guest Blog: Cisco’s Omar Sultan’s Thoughts on Security in Multi-Tenant Environments

VBlock Multi-tenent environment

One of the most frequent questions I get when the topic of cloud computing comes up is around security.  Justifiably, folks tend to have questions around security, privacy, and regulatory compliance in shared environments. A shared environment (also called a multi-tenant environment) is much like an apartment building.  You have multiple tenants (renters) sharing common infrastructure (the apartment building).   The tenants may be different departments from the same company or completely different companies. Security is a complex topic but the main concepts are applicable whether you are looking at private cloud solutions or public cloud solutions.  To keep things grounded in something prac … Read more