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#BigData in the #Cloud: Get Our Perspective at VMware @vCloud #CloudTalk, Tues. April 10th

Meet us on Twitter, next Tuesday, April 10th at 11am PT/ 2pm ET for #CloudTalk hosted by VMware vCloud, to hear our perspective on how we see big data evolving in the cloud this year. Also, get insight into our new fully managed enterprise-grade, Apache™ Hadoop™-based data analytics platform, now in technical preview, announced April […]

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Guest Blog: Cisco’s Omar Sultan’s Thoughts on Security in Multi-Tenant Environments

One of the most frequent questions I get when the topic of cloud computing comes up is around security. Justifiably, folks tend to have questions around security, privacy, and regulatory compliance in shared environments. A shared environment (also called a multi-tenant environment) is much like an apartment building. You have multiple tenants (renters) sharing common infrastructure (the apartment [...]

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