Why Test Management is Critical: @SunGardAS Heads to DRJ Spring World 2012 (#drjspring)

DRJ Spring World 2012

We have a jam-packed schedule at DRJ Spring World 2012 (#drjspring) in Orlando next week, but unfortunately that doesn’t include a ride on Space Mountain or a show at SeaWorld.  Instead, we’ll be located in booth 415-419 visiting with conference attendees sharing our expertise on why test management is crucial to your overall business continuity management strategy and exploring the three pillars of operational resilience and how to achieve it. SunGard is a silver sponsor of DRJ Spring World. Come by and visit us! Links you need to know: Register for the mobile recovery unit tour Download your free business continuity toolkit We also have several presentations planned this year in addi … Read more

New Managed Recovery Program (MRP) Service Receives Interest as the “Only” Service Addressing Root-Cause Recovery Challenges

Last week, SunGard Availability Services announced General Availability (GA) of a new service called Managed Recovery Program (MRP). This service offers to help ensure the availability of applications by supporting management of the entire recovery lifecycle using a systematic approach for SunGard customers. As part of the approach, root-cause problems which undermine recovery are identified and addressed on an on-going basis. During analyst briefings, what was the consistent comment heard by the team? That while others may talk about change management and other common root-cause problems which undermine recovery, SunGard is the only vendor with a packaged service, at General Availability, w … Read more

How Confident Are You in Your Recovery? Forrester Reports Suggest that Maybe You Should Not Be

----> By Kelly Baig Last Spring, Forrester published some interesting data from a late 2010 survey they conducted with Disaster Recovery Journal of 200 DRJ members. In that survey, 61% of respondents reported that they felt "very prepared" or "prepared" to recover data centers in the event of a site failure. This is an increase from 52% in response to the same question in 2007. Yet, in the same survey, test of recovery plans reportedly went down -- and organizations reporting "no test at all" went up. Also, updates to test plans likewise went down. Thorough test of recovery plans and procedures is widely known as being the critical success factor in enabling successful recovery when … Read more

How Do You Estimate Network Bandwidth Requirements for Cloud Recovery Services?

Example of a Summary Report from SunGard's Patent-Pending ROI Analysis Tool

 ----> By Kelly Baig The most common questions that come up when selecting cloud-based recovery services, are all about the network. Common questions include: How much network bandwidth will I need to replicate my data to the cloud? How much will that cost me? Can I share that network connection or must it be dedicated? Am I simply trading one types of costs and burdens -- like those associated with tape -- which I know, for a new set of costs and burderns -- with which I'm unfamiliar? Network questions like these often slow the process of modernizing data protection. Providing specific and precise answers to these questions is also difficult, as many variables affect network req … Read more

Why Focus on Recovery-as-a-Service? Solving Mission-Critical High Availability and Recovery with Cloud Services

-----> by Kelly Baig Welcome to our new blog site, focused on Recovery-as-a-Service! At this site, you will find regular commentary from SunGard Availability Services (AS) recovery experts. Our experts include SunGard product managers, product developers, and recovery operations personnel -- all with specialized experience on a range of topics and technologies which affect recovery. Recovery topics that you can anticipate appearing here in the upcoming months, include: Cloud-based recovery Cloud versus virtual recovery Hybrid recovery Recovery planning Root cause problems which disrupt recovery - and how to address them Modern data protection as a basis for improved … Read more

Resilience is Power …


… and water, and HVAC, and all related infrastructure components. Resilience is dependent on all these infrastructure components, along with network communications. This became obvious this weekend with two distinct events: - A friend shared a photo of a car that went through the side of a building while parking; in doing so, they broke water and sewage lines which prevented the building from remaining open for business occupancy for several days. - An underground explosion and fire in Philadelphia early Monday morning – just a few blocks from my office – caused local businesses to deal with power outages and street closures when they arrived back after the weekend. These two incidents ar … Read more