Keeping Disaster Recovery In Step With Business

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You’ve taken the time to implement a disaster recovery (DR) plan for your company – you’re prepared for anything! You’ve covered all the milestones: You initiated a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to determine the recovery times you’ll need for your applications. You tiered your applications and documented their interdependencies so you’ll know which order your servers should be restored in. You found a geographically-diverse data center for your recovery infrastructure. You put together a recovery playbook and tested each and every step. Bring on the storms … the floods … the power outages … you’re ready! Everything may sound foolproof, but here’s the catch: your applications and IT env … Read more

Why Doesn’t IT Perform Better Change Management for Disaster Recovery? The Answer Lies in the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Proper disaster recovery management requires a proper disaster recovery program.

What does change management have to do with the second law of thermodynamics? I know it might initially sound like a stretch to relate these two things together, but bear with me. (It won’t be as tenuous as the connection between Gangnam Style and IT disaster recovery, I promise.) What IS change management, anyway? Change management, from a recovery perspective, is the process of reflecting the changes you make in your IT production environment into your IT disaster recovery environment. This is so that if you ever DO need your recovery environment – knock on wood – it will still be compatible with your production environment and you have the right servers, hypervisors, operating syste … Read more

October INSIDER: #Cloud trends, disaster planning and fall events on the horizon

Insider Newsletter

Check out latest edition of the monthly SunGard Availability Services INSIDER newsletter, a place for IT professionals to explore the latest news, trends and tips. This month’s issue features articles and videos designed to keep you up to date on cloud computing, disaster planning, customer events and more. Our video series on Recovery Services continues with a deeper look at the strategies behind Managed Recovery Planning, SunGard’s approach to taking the pain out of application recovery for complex IT environments.  Another series, our five-part serial on Cloud Computing trends, explores distributed block storage – one of the biggest changes on the cloud computing horizon. For customers w … Read more

Why Test Management is Critical: @SunGardAS Heads to DRJ Spring World 2012 (#drjspring)

DRJ Spring World 2012

We have a jam-packed schedule at DRJ Spring World 2012 (#drjspring) in Orlando next week, but unfortunately that doesn’t include a ride on Space Mountain or a show at SeaWorld.  Instead, we’ll be located in booth 415-419 visiting with conference attendees sharing our expertise on why test management is crucial to your overall business continuity management strategy and exploring the three pillars of operational resilience and how to achieve it. SunGard is a silver sponsor of DRJ Spring World. Come by and visit us! Links you need to know: Register for the mobile recovery unit tour Download your free business continuity toolkit We also have several presentations planned this year in addi … Read more

SunGard Mobile Recovery Unit Multi-City Tour – Kicks-Off at DRJ Spring World 2012

SunGard Mobile Recovery Unit

In just few days, we’ll be headed to DRJ Spring World 2012 (#drjspring) – the premier event for decision makers in every aspect of business continuity and disaster recovery.  Its' 46th conference will offer industry insights and trends, best practices and real-world examples through its’ 45 sessions, 12 workshops and 9 keynotes. SunGard Availability Services is a silver sponsor of this conference and we’ll be located in booth 415-419. We have an exciting agenda planned for the conference this year; in particular we’ll be kicking off a multi-city tour of our state-of-the-art Mobile Recovery Unit!  Severe weather in early 2012 has elevated the importance of disaster planning for many organizat … Read more

SunGard Managed Recovery Program Service Delivers Higher DR Value for Enterprise Organizations

SunGard Managed Recovery Program (MRP) service continues to gain momentum. Last week, another customer came through the MRP on-boarding test process. Their comments and findings provide a "before" and "after" picture of what organizations working with this exciting new service from SunGard can expect: The organization reported "significant" improvements with "tremendous value" while also "reducing the number of people we must send in the event of a disaster". A cross-discipline approach now in place at SunGard was identified as speeding problem resolution during test. Improved communication between the SunGard test team and the customer's DR team was noted, including the practice of … Read more

New Managed Recovery Program (MRP) Service Receives Interest as the “Only” Service Addressing Root-Cause Recovery Challenges

Last week, SunGard Availability Services announced General Availability (GA) of a new service called Managed Recovery Program (MRP). This service offers to help ensure the availability of applications by supporting management of the entire recovery lifecycle using a systematic approach for SunGard customers. As part of the approach, root-cause problems which undermine recovery are identified and addressed on an on-going basis. During analyst briefings, what was the consistent comment heard by the team? That while others may talk about change management and other common root-cause problems which undermine recovery, SunGard is the only vendor with a packaged service, at General Availability, w … Read more

How Confident Are You in Your Recovery? Forrester Reports Suggest that Maybe You Should Not Be

----> By Kelly Baig Last Spring, Forrester published some interesting data from a late 2010 survey they conducted with Disaster Recovery Journal of 200 DRJ members. In that survey, 61% of respondents reported that they felt "very prepared" or "prepared" to recover data centers in the event of a site failure. This is an increase from 52% in response to the same question in 2007. Yet, in the same survey, test of recovery plans reportedly went down -- and organizations reporting "no test at all" went up. Also, updates to test plans likewise went down. Thorough test of recovery plans and procedures is widely known as being the critical success factor in enabling successful recovery when … Read more