Hurricane Preparedness Week: Lessons Learned & A Hurricane Planning Toolkit

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It’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week, folks. Before you roll your eyes, let us remember that Hurricane Sandy tore through the East Coast not all that long ago (October 2012) and did $75+ billion (this number keeps going up every time I check Wikipedia) in damage. During Hurricane Sandy, SunGard AS received 342 alerts from our customers and 117 disaster declarations. To support these declarations, we deployed almost one-third of our staff, sent out 5 mobile recovery units, and filled up 1,500 workgroup seats for our customers’ employees. Our Carlstadt, NJ data center served as an impromptu command center for local authorities and took in nearby flood victims; it was described as a “be … Read more

SunGard Carlstadt Business Continuity Center serves as Command Post, Shelter During Hurricane Sandy

Police, firefighters and EMTs from Moonachie, N.J. used the SunGard Availability Services business continuity center in Carlstadt as an emergency command post during Hurricane Sandy.

By George Gobla, Technical Service Delivery Manager Like most other residents of the East Coast, I had been following the news about the approach of Hurricane Sandy vigilantly. As a New Jersey resident, my interest was even greater, as the storm the media dubbed “Frankenstorm” was tracking to make landfall on the evening of October 29 over the New Jersey shoreline and proceed inland. When it became more likely that Hurricane Sandy would be as destructive as many experts were predicting, the storm was also becoming a concern from a professional standpoint.  As the technical service delivery manager for the Northeast region for SunGard Availability Services, it’s my job to make sure that ou … Read more

Frankenstorm is Coming…How’s Your Disaster Recovery Plan Holding Up?

By Ron LaPedis, CISSP-ISSAP, ISSMP, MBCP, MBCI Apparently what’s headed for the East Coast is a “monster” of a storm. It’s so bad, in fact, that they’re calling it, “ … Read more

Disasters Have a Way of Making You “Wake Up” and Rethink Recovery

Hurricane Preparedness

By Maryling Yu When I was a kid growing up in the Southeastern United States, I spent a lot of time in the back of my Mom’s lime-green Dodge station wagon, accompanying her on her many business trips to Miami, Florida. I used to love it when I got asked to go, because a) it meant I could miss school; and b) it meant I could eat as many of those delicious Florida mangoes as I wanted. I remember driving back with her once during a hurricane – she thought she could “get ahead of it” and get home to Savannah before it got too bad. Well, she was wrong. The storm seemed to descend from nowhere, and things got so windy, rainy, and gusty that we had to pull over to the side of the road to wait it … Read more

Recovery in the Cloud Boosts Hurricane Season Preparedness

Hurricane season brings into focus the need for companies to reexamine disaster recovery plans.  As we've been meeting with companies on how to prepare for the volatile weather season, we advise organizations to approach hurricane preparedness not as a reactive disaster recovery process but as the opportunity to manage a hurricane as a planned event. The plan process can benefit organizations not just on their worst day, in the wake of a disaster, but every day, by revealing critical gaps in the availability of production environments. Unlike many other weather-related events, hurricanes have a relatively long warning time-frame, which can allow for the proactive relocation of people and cor … Read more